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Powering innovation for thousands of charities worldwide.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Walks, rides, runs, sleepouts, gaming, ticketed, in-person or virtual, our P2P module powers some of the most innovative, award winning and effective fundraising around the world.


Registration + Fundraising

Automatically create fundraising pages, entry flows for free and ticketed events, add merchandise and self-donation steps for individuals, teams, and organizations.


SMS & Email Prompts and Triggers

Set up triggers to acknowledge participants' fundraising achievements over time.


Reward & Recognition Tiers

Use gamification and fundraising tiers to engage and motivate fundraising pre, during, and post-campaign.


Mobile App & 3rd Party Fitness Devices

Empower fundraisers to connect their preferred fitness app to record activties, or use our white-labelled iOS and Android app for a seamless brand experience.

DIY & Always-On Fundraising

Empower supporters to share their passion on your fundraising hub, collecting donations for special occasions, in-memory, personal challenges, workplace and school fundraising, and more.


Registration + Fundraising

Automatic fundraising page creation and personalised registration flows for each DIY theme to cater for individuals, corporates, schools and teams.


SMS and Email Prompts

Create automated reward and recognition messaging to acknowledge participants' fundraising and fitness milestones.

Appeals &
Regular Giving

Collect one-time and recurring gifts, and let supporters manage donations with your branded self-service portal.


Donation Forms

Remove donation friction and drive conversion with industry leading, optimized and secure donation forms.


Donor Portal

Reduce admin time and empower donors to access past receipts, update their card details, adjust payment dates, and manage their recurring gifts.


Recurring Giving

Maximize recurring gifts, upsell to shift one-time donors to weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions.


Payment Methods

Enable express donations, digital wallet, bank transfer, PayPal and non-cash payment methods.

Timed Giving Days

Create urgency through timed giving days by combining matched giving, bonus rounds, team fundraising and personalised URLs to boost revenue.


Matched Giving

Utilize partner funds for matched giving and automatically double or triple the donation.


Optimized Templates

Use proven out-of-the-box templates for pre, during and post Giving Day, or create your own.


Staged Progress

Import offline donations in the lead up, and on the day, to create momentum throughout the campaign.


Personalized URLs

Segment donors, utilize Personalized URLs to auto-adjust donation amounts, content, and pre-fill forms for quick conversions.


Flexible ticketing options that work for every type of event without the need for 3rd party branded platforms. 


Flexible ticketing

Sell single tickets or bundle them up to make a package.


Limited time deals

Create a sense of urgency with ticketing pricing periods.


Ticketing management

Ticker holders can purchase and manage tickets after registration from their dashboard.


Event management

Event capacity, table and BIB number management, and attendee check-ins to suit every event.


Diversify your revenue streams with our raffle and lottery management solution. Create your own ticket design, set starting numbers and prefixes, provide custom packages, and use our powerful page editor for flexible landing page design.


Gaming Compliant

Fully compliant with local gaming regulations, ensuring a secure environment.


Custom Tickets

Set your ticket price, create raffle ticket packages, and start your raffle at any number to work alongside other sale channels.


Seamless Checkout

Tailor the checkout experience to collect the information you need, include an optional donation step and multiple payment methods.


Flexible page design

Focus on conversion with our powerful page builder controls that bring your brand to life.

Brand Sites

A single platform to manage and optimise your webpages, run events, sell tickets, gather insights and convert leads.



Proven out-of-the-box templates to build beautiful pages within seconds.


Device Specific Content

Tailor your layouts and optimise content for different devices


Global styles

Maintain brand consistency and build with ease with global styles.


Powerful CMS

Easy for beginners, powerful for advanced users.

Virtual Gifts &
Shop Sales

Utilise the inbuilt Shop module to sell merchandise and create seasonal virtual gift/eCard campaigns for supporters to buy in lieu of gifts.


Unique branding

Create your shop’s look and feel with your platform’s unique branding, including your own fonts, colours, logo and more.


Seamless checkout

Offer diverse payment choices for backers, including an optional donation during checkout to enhance fundraising.


Exclusive promotions

Create unique promo codes for specific events, launch sales, or to give valued supporters a discount for their patronage.



Personalize eCards with recipient's name and sender's message for a special touch.

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Hundreds of carefully designed, tested and optimised pages, templates and content blocks to engage and connect with your audience.

Customer service is our secret sauce

We've been backing your online fundraising success from the start. Get 24/5 expert support for event setup and growth strategies.


Supporting Global Payments

Over 135 currencies accepted with PCi DSS level 1 compliance.


Connect tools you already use

Instantly connect Funraisin to tools you already use and scale your fundraising.


Facebook Fundraising+

Get new supporters via Facebook fundraisers, host DIY and Virtual Challenge Events on Facebook, manage data, and reconcile payments.


Digital Giving Summit

Explore world-class fundraising events and charity sites powered by Funraisin.


Join 5000+ nonprofit admins worldwide

Let's discuss how we can boost your online fundraising and revenue.


What our charity partners are saying

Funraisin’s nimble technology has year after year has raised my expectation of what fundraising software can help you achieve.

SickKids Foundation

Hands down the best support team of any platform provider she’s ever come across, they are so responsive, so helpful, and she raves about them to anyone who asks.

Gidget Foundation Australia

The smoothest registration period to date.


Funraisin went above and beyond in one of our tightest deadlines for any project. Between the power and flexibility of the platform, and the professional concierge services that we received, we couldn't be happier about partnering with Funraisin!

Alzheimer's Association

Service was exceptional, and no ask was too much

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Usually on race launch day our inbox gets flooded by emails for people having trouble registering. Today we have received none. A big testament to your amazing platform!

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

I'm impressed with the level of control with relatively few settings. This helped me increase my team's overall strategic awareness.

Lustgarten Foundation

Found this to be the easiest update/build that we have done. The team was very prompt and always followed through with the work. Nothing was a hassle.

Fight Parkinson's

The easiest and nicest agency I have worked with. Nothing was too much and solutions were found for any hurdles. You have made the process so easy and stress-free.

Young Lives vs Cancer

Our fundraising nearly doubled and participants could not have been happier. We are so thankful we found this platform!

Expect Miracles Foundation

The way the entire Funraisin team are willing to collaborate and complement in-house skills is outstanding.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Always willing to assist and provide suggestions on best practice and has really been a life saver.

Children's Cancer Institute

The platform behind the world's top performing fundraisers.

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