Conquering the Cold for Cancer!



The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 2022 has just wrapped up, and the team are celebrating an incredible £1.35m fundraising total since first adopting the Funraisin platform. In this showcase, we take a look some actionable insights to really explore what makes the magic happen at London’s coldest and most popular winter 10km challenge.

76% Self Donated

The Virtual Winter Run 2021 saw over 11,000 people conquer the cold whilst fundraising for Cancer Research UK. An incredible 76% of whom decided to self-donate (by which we mean, donate to their own fundraising page). How did the Winter Run secure over 7,500+ early donations? The key lies in the user-optimised signup experiences and the hyper-personalisation of the fundraising journey for all participants, possible due to the Funraisin platform.

From point of entry, the self donation ask was optimised within the early stages of the registration flow. The call to action was driven by fundraising rewards, resulting in early conversion of entries to active fundraising pages. Examples of this included users unlocking their first reward of Race Bib and Buff.

The event's merchandise was built on the core brand identity which is a core pillar to its fame; the insights within the Funraisin platform allowed Winter Run to create a merchandise and incentive structure which amplified the brand and drove fundraising higher.

30% more 'Active' Fundraisers

One feature continuing  into the 2022 version of the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run, is the team’s expert use of gamification badges helping to foster a meaningful connection between event and participant throughout their training, and not just on event day.

It’s not surprising, since compared to their 2020 event, the Virtual Winter Run 2021 saw a 30% increase in active and engaged fundraising pages that had one or more donations. Since then every touchpoint of the Winter Run has been designed to inspire participants.

Cleverly segmented communications inspire people to get active, or stay active depending on the badges they’ve unlocked. Unlockable rewards and merchandise incentives ensure for regular opportunities to drive fundraiser FOMO. We also loved how the team also connected the challenges and rewards with their social posts.

More Distance = More Money

A central goal of Human Race (organiser of the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run) and its partners & stakeholders is to get people to conquer the cold, and keep active in winter, and unsurprisingly the most engaged runners, not only ran more - but raised more.

In 2021’s event, those who ran clocked up over 100km - 150km on average raised 4 times more than those who did not log any training runs! To help them along the way,  gamification badges are not only tailored to distance, but amounts raised, and keeping you active during certain times of year; the “12 Days of Christmas” badge, is earned by running during the Christmas holidays, while “Snow Stopping You” is earned after five days of consecutive activity.

These nudges drive runners to embrace and invest in their challenge - and as they do, they will feel prouder and more inclined to fundraise.

Supercharge your fundraising

It's such a pleasure to see a success story such as the London Winter Run when they have built in so many incredible touch points and thoughtful experiences to their event and digital platform.

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