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My own WOW

Building and innovating a series of virtual events that contributed almost £700k in two years for a charity. I don't think it would've been possible without leveling up and getting on board with Funraisin. We unlocked some serious data & insights, and were able to establish a clear identity for these fundraising events, making them feel like fully fleshed-out products! Thanks to all the team who made that possible!

Years in the industry?

9 years and still loving it!

Victoria Read
Most surprising fundraising metric in the last year?

52% of fundraisers will activate their fundraising page within 24 hours of creating it!

Victoria Read
What engages people the most?

Real human and personalised stories that an audience and people can connect to, user-generated content/or beautify created dynamic content. While continuously sharing the real and tangible impact people can and are making on the specific campaign/mission.

Keith Williams
Years in the industry?

18 years, from telephone fundraising, to sole fundraiser, to volunteer management to Strategic and Corporate partnerships. What an adventure!

Jess Lloyd|Chartered Institute of Fundraising
Why do you do what you do?

Because no one deserves to live in loneliness and poverty. Personal motivation regarding the goals is key to be successful in fundraising. It is important to find what moves you.

John van Duin |Resto VanHarte
Why do you do what you do?

The people, not only the fundraisers and the people that receive the benefit of what charities do but also the people that work in the industry. For every fundraising executive, community fundraiser, marketer, volunteer, data specialist and more. Working with such authentic, inspiring and positive people...you do not get this in any other industry!

Paul Parker|Funraisin
Most surprising fundraising metric in the last year?

A fundraiser that makes a self-donation will raise 3 times more than a fundraiser who doesn't!

Paul Parker|Funraisin
Most memorable career moment?

Supporting over 1.5B in donations for the betterment of people and planet.

Most impressive feat by a fundraiser?

I've worked on a fitness fundraising campaign where a fundraiser committed to doing 1 burpee for every $1 donated to her page. She went on to raise more than $3000..!

Anna Harré
What improved your campaign?

Data led insights! Take time to unpick the data to understand where you can make improvements. Whether that's conversation rates, activation, or engagement - the list goes on! UX testing is also a great tool for getting qualitative feedback!

My own WOW

At The Air Ambulance Service, we’ve recently gone live with our new events platform through the Funraisin Platform. Paul, Kelsey and the team have been AMAZING in supporting us along the way. We now have a new and slick platform for our supporters but also so much insight we’ve never had before. I’ve become additives to checking the success of our supporters. This gif is me checking every 30 minute's 🤩

Billy Sharpe |The Air Ambulance Service
Most memorable thank you message?

I received a lovely handwritten thank you note from a nurse who cares for people fundraised for. It was not expected and and a lovely surprise. It made me rather emotional when I got it and read it.

PCUK Fundraiser
My own WOW

The industry is filled with incredible individuals who genuinely care about their work, making it unlike any other. I'm constantly amazed by them.

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