Visual Builder

Beautiful pages, made easy.

Build your pages faster and smarter.

Visual Builder is made for fundraising, built for collaboration and pixel-perfect responsive pages. This is the easiest way to update pages, through the eyes of your audience. A frontend inline editor enabling you to create highly engaging experiences, in minutes.

Simply add content to your page. No code required.

Drop it, resize it, move it and customise it with your own content. Whether you are replicating a specific design layout or simply tweaking an existing template, the sky is the limit. Not to mention you can save your sections and pages as templates!

Templates, ready to go.

Choose from hundreds of templates across a variety of styles and layouts. Each template has been carefully designed, tested and optimised to engage and connect with your audience.

Adapt to your audience, across every touch point.

Creating mobile optimised experiences has never been more important. Structure layouts that adapt to any device, all with a single click. You can preview your pages across multiple screen sizes whilst editing your content in real-time, saving you time and ensuring the best possible experiences.

New enhanced & feature-packed blocks.

Looking for simple content elements or dynamic data-driven blocks? We have you covered. Create powerful and highly engaging pages with our extensive list of blocks, adding your own content, layouts and styles or enable your developers to add custom code - it’s all made easy with Visual Builder.

Build pages more efficiently, with confidence.

Jump between platform settings, entry records, preview mode and site creation with ease. Toggle back and forth between edits with our undo/redo feature.

Classic vs. Visual Builder, the choice is yours.

We understand that how you build sites can be based on preference, and this is why we believe you should have the freedom to build sites exactly how you prefer. Funraisin also comes with a more traditional classic block builder. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start using Visual Builder?

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Visual Builder has been made available to all connected platforms, and can be accessed via the 'Visual Builder' button found alongside each and every page.

Additionally, when you are viewing the public facing version of your site whilst also being logged in to your site admin, you will notice a tab positioned at the top left of your screen. This is only viewable to you, and other logged in members of your team. Clicking this tab will immediately load up Visual Builder for the respective page. Likewise, when in Visual Builder you can jump straight back into Preview Mode to view your site as your audience would see it.

For more information on how to access Visual Builder and more about how Visual Builder works, please refer to our 'Visual Builder - Getting Started' tutorial.

Simply put, what is Visual Builder?

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Visual Builder is a more intuitive editing interface, designed to make page and content creation easier. To achieve this, Visual Builder enables you to add and update content from within frontend version of your page - providing you an exact and accurate indication of how your audience will see that page.

This method of site editing is referred to as 'inline editing'.

You can still use the Classic Builder to create the exact same experiences, however we encourage you to give Visual Builder a go.

How will Visual Builder benefit me and my team?

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Visual Builder is purpose built for fundraising, and is centred around the needs of our Charity Partners and the many events and initiatives which benefit from using the Funraisin platform. With this in mind, the main benefit is creative freedom combined with the ability to visual review and amend pages at speed - as well as reducing the time required in order for new team members to learn and utilise the features which are available.

Whether you need to set up a quick donation page, or simply add content to an existing page, all of this is easier than ever with Visual Builder.

Do we have to use Visual Builder to create pages?

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No, Visual Builder is 100% optional. That said, our internal teams love using Visual Builder to create powerful pages, and we encourage you and your team to experience the creative freedom and efficiency that comes from this powerful inline editor.

Furthermore, there are additional option and controls to disable some of the default features within Visual Builder if you prefer. The power is in your hands to use (or not use) Visual Builder.

How can I learn more about Visual Builder and each of the features?

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Book a demo! We'll glady give you a full Visual Builder demonstration.

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