Registration + Fundraising

Single registration and fundraising page flows are proven to increase the conversion to fundraise and provide a consistently branded experience for your supporters. A single transaction can cater for registration ticketing for individuals and multiple entries, merchandise sales and personal donations. 

Create unlimited entry forms on every event to personalise the journey for different fundraiser types such as individuals, teams, corporates, volunteers, families and schools. Control the data you collect on each entry form and add additional fields for non standard data capture. Delight your supporters with personalised, event branded automated emails for all campaign interactions.

SMS and Email Triggers

Setup triggers to recognize the achievements your participants are making throughout the course of their fundraising. Generate triggers based on amounts raised, percentage of fundrasing goals reached, distance walked, steps taken, interactions on the site and much more.

Use an 'alphasend' name instead of a number to allow participants to reply to your organisation name, not a system generated mobile number.

Email triggers can be styled in line with your event using custom email templates that are easily imported.  


Stats show participants who achieve more rewards, raise more. Utilise the inbuilt gamification to maintain supporters active fundraising in the lead up, during and after the campaign. Trigger badges and rewards for fundraising progress, distance walked, steps taken, number of donations, page shares, team goals and much more. Create custom triggers to align your supporters behavious with your event goals. 

Style your gamification badges and triggered comms to reflect your brand and event positioning - you're in complete control of how your badges look and feel, and when they fire off.

Fitness Apps

Switch on fitness apps and empower your fundraisers to record distances, steps, duration of movement and then recognise team and inidividual achievements by sending encouraging messages when they reach set kilometres or miles and percentages of their distance goal. Allow inviduals to manually enter their distances from within their dashboard.

Visually display the fundraisers achievements on their profile page and in their dashboard and create badges around distance goals to encourage fundraisers to maintain their fitness activity during the campaign. 

Participant and Team Management

Simple and powerful tools to manage participants and teams. Swap teams between events and waves and automatically update all team participant records. View a participants complete event history, funds they’ve raised and interactions they've had with your organisations events over time.

Quickly see a participants invited members, edit their fundraising page details and increase financial and distance targets on their behalf. Login as a participant to guide them through any dashboard questions they may have to help drive their fundraising further. Funraisin empowers you to have complete control over your participant and team data in real-time.


"We needed excellent UX plus a stable and consistent solution for our fundraising platform for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. Funraisin became the obvious choice, based on their track record, the ongoing upgrades to this out-of-the box solution, and their ability to deliver customisation to our requirements.

The platform’s capacity to process a record $7.9mil in donations within a short period of time was seamless, and the team’s experience and solution oriented approach coupled with their exceptional and quick-response customer service make them a distinguished option in online fundraising."

Catherine Braybon
National Marketing Manager

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