Your content, your cause, your donors.

Unlimited donation pages on your own site, without sending donors to 3rd party branded platforms. Built to help you make the most of each donors visit with testable layouts, donation amounts, content, and imagery. Real time insights let you see what works and what doesn't helping you improve your conversion rates and increase you average donation amounts.

Regular Giving

Regular, or recurring giving, is built-in and managed on a page by page basis. Create donation pages showing all regular giving options (weekly, monthly and yearly). Edit a donors record to change the future transaction dates, amount and more.

Recurring Sponsored donations is also available within events, allowing sponsored donors to make their donation for a set frequency, rather than just a one-off donation for the same amount. Great for virtual events or fitness based where donors can sponsor their friend or colleague, for example, $50 a week for 4 weeks. 

Donor's can login anytime to see their complete transaction history, download receipts and manage their payment details.

Matched Giving

Increase donations by adding a matched giver to your donation page, crowdfunding page or event. Matched Giving enables you to set the go live date and time, specify the cap, the multiple, the highest single donation amount to match and more. You're matched giving will automatically switch on at the specified time and display visual elements on the page to create a sense of urgency for donors (countdown timers, matched giver corporate logos and more). Matched Giving donation record types are created automatically and flow through to any 3rd party tool you've connected via an integration.

Embeddable Donation Forms

Create a donation page and embed it on a 3rd party site (your own brand website, even a corporate partners intranet) to start accepting donations. The styling of your donation form remains set by the platform so no need for any developers to change the CSS when embedding the form onto 3rd party sites.

Donation Management

Perform refunds, resend donation receipts, edit donor details... you're in complete control of all donation records. Built-in real-time insights help you make fast, informed decisions with stats on average donation amount, best time of day, best day of week, top donation amounts and much more. 

Download the standard donation report or create your own Custom Report and add in all the fields you need, in the structure you need, for importing into any tool we don't have an integration with. 

Add 'Offline' donations (that have come via bank, cheque and other means) manually or in bulk with the templates provided and choose to resend tax receipts, assign donations to active fundraisers, teams and events.

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