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Sophisticated fundraising experts and event managers look beyond traditional vanity metrics and dig into engagement trends using their fundraising website data that look at the health of their events and appeals. Our inbuilt insights and reporting helps you gain valuable insights that can shape your evolving online fundraising strategies.

Real time participant insights 

See all the details you need in realtime to make the best decisions for your fundraising. With instant access to key engagement metrics, Funraisin helps you evaluate participant engagement and make changes when it matters. Use key data points to help inform acquisition marketing efforts, identify gaps in your fundraiser engagement strategy or even drive user experience improvements as you go - saving you time on spreadsheets and data analysis while making your participant experience better.

Focus on fundraising with custom reports

Need a specific report created for your finance team, fundraising team, or even CRM? Easy! With custom reports, you can build an export in seconds - tailored to any requirement you may have. Our reports are set up to give you access to all of your data, you can schedule and email reports to your teams, rename fields, filter by dates or events. No more manual tweaking of spreadsheets, just access to the data you need, when you need it.

Built in GA/GTM ecommerce and Facebook event tracking 

There's a whole world of information your sponsors and fundraisers are giving you every day, with every donation, registration, button click and page visit - we make it easier to action by collecting all of the essentials out of the box. With built in Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce tracking all of your donations and registration conversions are already captured and split out by event and type, so you can get insights faster. Our Google Tag Manager integration allows you to collect and organise any additional on site behaviour, unique to your cause, and use it to evolve your fundraising strategies while tracking your Facebook advertising performance, no matter the goal.

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