A complete fundraising
platform for marketers

CRM and marketing automation integrations

Created with your charity in mind. We enable you to make the most of rich fundraiser and donor data, connecting with CRM's like Salesforce and automatically sync your donor, event registrant, shop and raffle sales data. No other online platform gives you as much access to your data. 

Sync fundraiser and donor data in real-time to marketing automation tools you already use and build out segments based on on-site behaviour, serving drip campaigns that give supporters a personalised experience to maintain their active fundraising. Most importantly, find high value fundraisers and help drive their engagement like never before

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Landing pages

Quick customisation for targeted traffic. Use landing pages to get more of your supporters to pre-register for events, upcoming appeals, email lists and more. Design calls-to-action your visitors can’t help but click and personalize messaging based on location, traffic source, device, persona, and more – no coding required. Attach a form with a single click, and run A/B tests using custom branded URLs to increase conversions over time. Speed up web design even further by cloning pages and copying rows from page to page. Of course, if you’re technical, you can add your own code at a platform level, page level and row level with ease.

Facebook retargeting on external linked URLs

Give corporate partners your custom branded links for them to use when driving traffic to a site other than your own (for example, an all-staff email sent out driving to a page on the corporates own website about the impact of workplace giving). We cookie traffic hitting that link, which you can then use to retarget through Facebook ads, even though the staff never visited your website.

Short URLS

True attribution of your marketing efforts, finally know your fundraisers.

Get true 1 to 1 marketing attribution and see your actual ROI by generating your own branded short URLs, tracking the effectiveness of online & offline channels in driving event registrations and donations. Easily see total and average donation values being generated from your campaigns split out by channel, and content categories, in order to optimise your messaging and placements. You automatically get visibility across:

  • Donations (personal and sponsored)
  • Registrations
  • Funds received
  • Click throughs
  • Form submissions
  • On site behaviour

Leverage Short URLs for A/B testing of landing pages, or even track user behaviour onsite based on ad creative. Short URLs give you access to rich 1 to 1 data unlike anything you’ve had before.

Inbuilt email tool

Free up your email automation with built in triggers for fundraising enagement.

Drive engagement with real time triggers based on supporters interactions with their pages, and keep fundraising in focus throughout their journey. No need for costly API calls when you need something sent instantly, let us take care of that for you, with countless trigger options available for fundraising actions - we let you decide when to engage your audience. Set up custom triggers based on amount raised, goal reached, or even distance achieved - with our handy Strava, Fitbit, and MapMyFitness integrations. We have a trigger for every action, giving you the flexibility to reach your audience the moment they engage.

Analytics integration

The online platform for data nerds.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Automatic tracking on conversion metrics including donations and registrations, all you need to do is paste in your google analytics, google tag manager and/or facebook pixel code and your ecommerce data will start flowing into your reports and tracking your facebook ad conversions. We give you:

  • Google enhanced e-commerce tracking of donations and registrations
  • Event and community fundraising categories
  • Facebook conversion tracking for donations and registrations
  • Flexible custom events for goal tracking

If our default setup isn’t enough data for you, we also enable additional custom tracking on every page on your website, letting you decide exactly what you’d like to capture for complete flexibility.

Live insights

Make better decisions, faster.

Built in dashboards showing all your key information in one place. Key fundraising metrics are always on hand to track progress and make sure you are always meeting your fundraising goals.

  • Average raised amounts
  • Number of fundraising page views
  • Number of views from shares.
  • Track engagement by seeing how many logins you’ve had
  • See fundraising progress and how many fundraisers have reached their goal.

Instant access to actionable insights through donation metrics. Find your best performing dollar handles at a glance, see what days and times are the most profitable. Save time on data analysis and make more informed decisions, faster.

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