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We've worked in digital since the late '90s, leading global for-profit brands such as Coca-Cola, American Express and Louis Vuitton across the UK, Europe and Australia, in developing their online presence to create connections with their customers.

We did the same for non-profits, starting with event fundraising in 2002 in Australia, but we saw a big problem. Where corporates had both capital and resources to invest into new channels, test strategies and optimise performance, non-profits didn't. Shouldn't the biggest challenges that our world faces get a greater investment than what was being pumped into getting more people to buy soft-drink, champagne and handbags online?

We expected so much out of the technology we used and took world-class online tools for granted when working with corporates. But when supporting non-profits we couldn't find the specialist tools out there that we expected to be available. The big 3rd party-branded fundraising platforms had the same problems; it took days to get data, API's would constantly break, supporters had to create accounts with another platform and the user experience was forever being compromised by templated systems that restricted branding opportunities. On the frustrations went.

With our backgrounds in building site after site for non-profits, we decided to build out Funraisin from the ground up so that organisation's themselves could take control of their data and brand online, make more meaningful connections with their supporters and not have to rely on overhyped 3rd party-branded platforms. We released Funraisin in 2016 and have grown to support hundreds of inspiring, life-changing charities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

We give you world-class tools to create amazing supporter experiences, grow your supporter base, be confident in the security of your data and give you unparalleled freedom to customize your sites as you need - so you can grow your revenue and spend time tackling our world's greatest challenges.

Our team is six years in with offices now in Australia, the UK and the USA. Our backgrounds are digital production and on the ground fundraisers, and we've never been more energetic and motivated to tackle the challenges ahead.

Courtney Evans
Co-founder, Funraisin

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