Meet the most advanced fundraising platform, designed to put you in control

Worldwide fundraising and event managers are getting to know their supporters better using our features. They’re graduating from branded 3rd party platforms and overhyped fundraising tools, and increasing their revenue with Funraisin.

It's online fundraising, done the right way.

Peer to peer

A complete suite of speciality P2P fundraising features with the supporter at it's heart.


Allow supporters to create their own campaign or event and fundraise for your organisation on your own site without the need for 3rd party branded platforms. 

Donation & Appeals

Create beautiful donation pages that connect with your supporters and choose from a suite of conversion tested form layouts to best suit your content.

Brand Sites

A single platform to manage and optimise your webpages, run events, sell tickets, gather insights and convert leads.

Facebook Fundraising+

Acquire new supporters with one-click Facebook fundraisers, run Virtual Challenge Events and DIY entirely in Facebook and take control of your fundraiser data.

Visual Builder

A frontend inline editor enabling you to create highly engaging experiences, in minutes.

Marketing tools

Grow supporters, convert leads and prove ROI with insightful, advanced marketing tools.


Replace your organisation's need for tools like Eventbrite and control your own ticketing. 


Look beyond traditional vanity metrics and dig into engagement trends that look at the health of your events and appeals.

Support experts

Guidance on best practice setups or conversion rate optimisation - our team of digital fundraising experts have you covered.


Connect up the tools you already use to boost your supporter base and level-up your marketing automation.

Common Questions

What's the setup process like?

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We've made the setup workflow as painless as possible. It's a simple three-step process after a kick-off call with you; setup and configure your platform, style and implement content & event/donation registration flows, test and launch. Then it's off to the races.

Are there migration services available?

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There sure are! We know that changing fundraising platforms can feel like you’re moving house. So consider us your professional movers. We can assist with migrating your existing fundraisers and donations, and for those so inclined you can easily do this too. We’ll make sure we leave it even nicer than your last home.

What types of support are offered?

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Funraisin comes with it's own in-built support ticketing to track requests. We're also available via phone, email and live chat. We have offices in USA, the United Kingdom and Australia and cover 24 hours of daily support Monday - Friday. After hours and event day support is also available. 

How does multi-lingual work?

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Funraisin has the ability to clone pages, navigation elements, donation amounts, automated emails and more, and then apply a language class to each. This means you're able to perfectly translate all aspects of your frontend site to suit any market your supporters are based in.

Take a look at some examples

What currencies can my supporters fundraise in?

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For P2P event fundraising, simply assign a currency of your choice to an event and all transactions will take place in that currency. Take it a step further and create donation amounts in that local currency. Running an event in Seoul, South Korea? No problem, set the event currency to Won, create custom dollarhandles (e.g 60,000 South Korean Won is close to 50 US Dollars) and you're off and running.

DIY fundraising works a little differently - the currency is assigned to the location of the fundraiser. So for example, if you've enabled multi-currency and you're running DIY fundraising themes, and a supporter from Belgium creates their own fundraising event, the currency will be Euros.

Let us be your nerd.

We'll take you on a no-pressure, full tour of the tools. You'll see why fundraising and event managers across the world are graduating from branded 3rd party platforms and overhyped fundraising tools, to increasing their revenue with Funraisin.

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