Digital Giving Summit 2023

The New Era of Fundraising:
Unleash your digital powers

16 November 2023

10 AM - 1:30 PM AEDT & 10 AM - 1:30 PM GMT

Welcome to the Funraisin Digital Giving Summit

Step into the new era of digital fundraising.

Learn actionable advice from sector-leading charity and agency experts to grow your fundraising in 2024 and get the most from your Funraisin platform.

Together we’ll explore:

  • Essentials for robust planning from audience analysis to campaign testing.
  • Thriving with leading digital tactics to build momentum and engagement.
  • Mastering 2024 with the biggest behavioural trends and Funraisin features.

Check out the agenda and speakers below, or sign up now.

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What’s happening on the day

We’re running two virtual summits on Zoom, one in Australia (AEST) and one in the UK (GMT), so choose the one most relevant to you. For audiences in North America, we recommend joining our Australia summit, or catching up on demand after the big day.

We’ll be joined live by regional experts from around the world, so grab your seat, bring your questions, and make the summit work for you.

All talks will be recorded so if you can’t make the entire summit in your region, or want to check out the talks from both summits, we’ll make them available the week after the summit. Make sure to sign up even if you can’t make it on the day!

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Who the Digital Giving Summit is for

We’re here for the tech savvy digital innovators to the up and coming digital change-makers. If you want to raise the bar on what’s possible for your fundraising, and start innovating to hit home on your numbers, then this is for you.

This is for everyone whether you’re a Director or an Assistant. We think these charity professionals from these teams will get a real kick out of this:

  • Challenge / Events
  • Individual Giving
  • Community
  • Strategy, Insights and Innovation
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What you’ll get out of it

  • Learnings from top industry experts from agencies to charities.
  • Practical know-how and actions to take away with your team.
  • An inside rundown of our product roadmap and latest features.
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How you can sign up

You can sign up on Zoom to the UK & Europe session or the Australia & New Zealand session.

Check out the agenda below for the UK & Europe session, or take a look at the Australia & New Zealand agenda here.

Hope to see you there!





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Welcome to the Digital Giving Summit 2023. Let's kick things off with a few reflections from our CMO & COO, Keith Williams.


Knowing your audience with Victoria Read

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How to understand the data on your audience and utilise to maximise campaign performance before, during and after

  • What data should you be looking at and where
  • Get a deeper understanding of your acquisition phase
  • How to adapt your campaign for your audience mid flight
  • Analyse your campaign to enhance for the future


Testing like a pro with Olivia Spark

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Our testing playbook for the smoothest campaign you’ve ever run.

  • Why do we test?
  • What do we test?
  • How do we test?



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Dedicated time to hear and respond to your questions



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A quick comfort break.



Building thriving events from the ground up with Claire Daniels

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How to innovate and hit the ground running with a new event, including strategies for ideation, planning for campaign success, and best practice to optimise and succeed fast.


Add the human touch with personalisation at scale with Caitlin Ashdown

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Pancreatic Cancer UK’s community team have developed strong techniques of personalising communications with supporters on a mass scale. They’ll be sharing these techniques and what the results of these have been on their flagship virtual walking event, The Big Step Forward.


Cultivate urgency with giving days with Hayley Bryce

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Creating a sense of urgency on your giving day - what makes today so special?

So you’ve decided to run a Giving Day. Excellent. Now you need to convince hundreds or even thousands of people to give on the same day, but why would they do that? Join this session for practical tips on creating a sense of urgency, rallying your supporters and keeping the momentum going. 



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Dedicated time to hear and respond to your questions



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A quick comfort break.



New era of fundraising: the product roadmap with Mike Dennis & Ellice Ball

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We'll be sharing the top product releases that help advance and increase conversion and engagement for your fundraising. We will also go through fundamental areas of product roadmap that helps you shape the new era of fundraising.


The future of fundraising: trends to watch with Keith Williams, Simon Eaton, Stephi Harding & John Tasker

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What's trending and changing how your fundraisers behave online, participate in events and support you? From their motivations and connections to which macro consumer trends could shape the sector, we'll discuss the new emerging trends, how social media marketing is performing and changing, and how you can leverage these insights for your bottom line in 2024.



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Dedicated time to hear and respond to your questions



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And that's a wrap! Thanks for joining us for the Digital Giving Summit 2023. Here's a few closing reflections from today's content, insights, and questions raised by CMO & COO, Keith Williams.


Claire Daniels

Founder, Aha Consultancy

View bio

Caitlin Ashdown

Senior Community Manager, Pancreatic Cancer UK

View bio

John Tasker

Director, Massive

View bio

Simon Eaton

Managing Director, Fifty

View bio

Stephi Harding

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, TPXimpact

View bio

Hayley Bryce

Director, Giving Day Gurus

View bio

Victoria Read

Customer Success Manager, Funraisin

View bio

Olivia Spark

Director of Professional Services UKEU, Funraisin

View bio

Keith Williams

CMO & COO, Funraisin

View bio

Mike Dennis

Co-Founder & CCO, Funraisin

View bio

Paul Parker

Digital Growth Manager, Funraisin

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Ellice Ball

Product Owner, Funraisin

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