Just like a SaaS business, your goal is recurring revenue.

Donor attrition, or churn, isn’t only about the point in time a supporter stops their credit card payments or begins donating to another organisation, it’s the complete experience they’ve had with your organisation from the first time they’ve come across you.

So start at the top of the funnel and look down.

Are you attracting the right supporters? Can you identify who your best supporters are based on their total donations, LTV, interactions and demographics?

If so, can you further identify when they became a supporter, what channel they came from, what message they were exposed to and what content they viewed on your site? This will give a solid kickstart to identifying your best performing acquisition channel to double down on.  

Use custom branded URLs to track conversions

We’ve built a cool feature into Funraisin which lets you create custom branded short URLs and assign the channel you’ll be using the URL in (such as Facebook, Direct Mail, Twitter, TV ad, Outdoor, etc) along with giving the URL a category (call for donations, organisation mission, research, patient story, etc).

Just like a  bit.ly, goo.gl, ow.ly and other tools out there, with our short URL module you can generate your own URL AND maintain your own branding for a smoother supporter experience. But the additional insights you’re able to get using our short URL feature can make a massive impact on how you optimise your own time when creating content.

We want you to know as much as you can about the traffic so we added some post-click tracking features into it so you can see if a prospect or supporter visits your site within 6 months and what they do when they’re there. If you use the content tagging feature when creating pages, we also record down to an individual level what content supporters who came from that short URL view. We also record any form submissions from traffic coming through that short URL – donation forms, P2P registration forms, web forms, etc.

This now gives you a full insight into channel and content effectiveness when driving to particular goals. It also means you can see the number donations, the total donation amount and the average value of donations resulting from that one short URL.

Create Smart Lists from conversions for retargeting

You could take it a step further and save out a Smart List of those donors, upload it into your organisations Facebook page and use the re-targeting options to surprise and delight your supporters by reinforcing the positive impact their donations have in your organisation achieving your mission – the part they’ve played in your organisation achieving it’s mission. . Or you could do some lookalike targeting and test your conversions again.

Mind if we send you an email?

Each fortnight we send an email to people from companies like UNICEF, Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, RSPCA,  Surf Life Saving Australia and more. Just put your email address in below if you’d like to join them.

About Courtney Evans

Courtney Evans is Co Founder and Growth Manager at Funraisin. With a background in digital extending back to the mid 90s, Courtney's covered information architecture, experience mapping, product management, analytics, content & funnel marketing, UX & email. If you'd like to get in touch with Courtney, drop him a line on +61 2 8006 1009 or email courtney@funraisin.co