5 Ideas to get started with Donation Nudges

15 Aug 2023

With our latest conversion feature donation nudge, you can now encourage donors to donate by showing the immediate impact of a donation against a fundraiser’s target. This is a new out of the box tool for all admins and it’s quick and easy to create your own unique designs.

How it works

Every time a supporter starts interacting with a fundraiser’s donation form, they’ll see animated nudges that will show just how much of a difference that donation will make to the fundraiser’s page, and how much closer their donation will get to the fundraiser’s target!

You can choose to set nudges to trigger from any amount or percentage, or for the first donation, top donor or goal achieved.

Each nudge can have:
  • A message 
  • A nudge bar colour
  • An icon, image or gif
  • One of three animation styles
Here's 5 ideas to try out.

📝 Choose donation handle amounts

Pair your donation nudges with your existing donation handles to show the impact to your charity. 

For example, a donation nudge could be a plate being filled for every meal funded.

  • 1 meal in the bag!

🎯 Choose target milestones

Celebrate when fundraisers are about to hit fundraising milestones and unlock badges for them. 

For example, you could celebrate halfway milestones with your gamification badges.

  • Woah! We’re halfway!
  • Yay! That's my target!

🏃 Mirror the activity

Help reward fundraisers for banking miles and kms with nudges that mirror the challenge they’re taking on.

For example, you could show the steps they're sponsoring with a running gif.

  • Race you to the target!
  • Just keep running!

🏆 Celebrate the donor

Celebrate the donor and make them feel like a VIP with exclusive nudges for key moments along the fundraiser’s journey.

For example, they could unlock a special award if they’re the first donor, or confetti if they helped hit the fundraiser’s target.

  • Not all nurses wear capes!
  • You're one in a million!
  • You're my top donor!
  • Woohoo! You're my first!

🎨 Show your brand

If you have a key brand message, or character, create nudges that bring it to life across your donation nudges.

For example, if you have dog imagery throughout your campaign, you could create a series of animated dogs or pawprints across their donation bar to show progress.

  • That’s pawsome!

👍 Want to keep it simple for now?

Copy our starter nudges with a few animated emojis, or choose from our platform icons.

Here’s a few you can try out:

A few suggested messages:

  • You've made our day!
  • Woohoo I’m halfway there!
  • We made it! 100%
  • Milestone hit! 80%
  • BOOM! That’s my goal hit!
  • OMG that’s generous!
  • You're my top donor!

🤓 Next steps

To find out how to set them up, check out our latest support article.

Got an idea for bringing Donation Nudges into your next campaign? Book in a chat with our team and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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