Catch that post-event high and start building hype for next year, now

24 Mar 2023

Create memorable experiences that supporters can’t wait to do again next time - and then show them how to get on the waitlist now

Here’s a few examples of what we’ve seen across the Funraisin community to help you increase repeat participation rates  and start building momentum for next year.

Say thank you

A simple thank you goes a long way. Send a personalised thank you to your supporters, including the amount they raised, their team raised and the event raised. Recognise the difference they’ve made, and what you’ve been able to do together. You’ll want to leave an impression, so they feel recognised, share the good news, and come back next time.

The Push Up Challenge from last year shows how you can help supporters feel valued with a personalised custom page sent to each entrant.

Push Up Challenge

Capture their interest for next year

Ride the wave of that post-event high and start building your audience for next year. Clone your event and open registrations now, or build a waitlist for early birds - even better if you can offer limited time rewards or discounts. 

Our top tip: create a limited time offer to generate urgency and exclusivity for a specific  timeframe. Then turn the offer off until your next recruitment drive.

MS Readathon shows how you can capture supporters' intent straight away with a Register Your Interest form for next year's event.

MS Readathon

Ask for feedback

Your supporters are your biggest fans, and will have practical and honest feedback about your event. Capture this feedback whilst it’s fresh in their mind, to improve their experience for next time. Make it worth their while with exclusive discounts or giveaways!

Top Tip: Use the inbuilt Web Forms to set up your short survey and a personalised URL to prepopulate name and email.

Tell stories with your data

Show your fundraisers’ impact with tangible and meaningful stories. 

Instead of ‘you’ve raised $500’, try ‘you’ve helped to fund a month of research’.

Instead of ‘you’ve run 4,000 kms’, try ‘you’ve run halfway across the country!’ Telling stories with your numbers helps your fundraisers to understand why what they did matters

Darkness into Light makes it real by showing each fundraiser’s individual impact on their fundraising page.

Darkness into Light

Recognise your VIP fundraisers and bring new fundraisers in

We know that return participants can add significant amounts to the overall event income, but we also need new people to generate growth. Utilise VIP clubs for those supporters who are repeat participants, commit to higher than average fundraiser targets and more. Incentivise participants to invite friends, family and colleagues to join and track their invitee status. 

Whatever you decide to do, we’re always here to help! Feel free to reach out to the team so we can work together and make next year’s campaign deliver even more results . 

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