Webinar Recap: Building a Thriving Fundraising Community Online

16 Jun 2022

Welcome to our Building an Thriving Fundraising Community Online Webinar (UK/EU) Recap

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What You Will Learn

  • How to bring all your fundraising initiatives together in once place
    With every option available at their fingertips, your supporters will have the freedom to choose how, when and where they help your cause - on their terms.
  • How to work to your strengths and choose your goals wisely
    If your past fundraisers have done well, why reinvent the wheel? Allow your returning supporters to jump right back in where they left off whilst always look for ways to improve your event offerings.
  • How to deliver value at every stage of the fundraising journey
    There are thousands of fundraising events a year - what makes yours different from the competition? Providing a personalised, engaging experience from the get go will delight and motivate your supporters.
  • How to empower your community with a single, unified call to action
    The best community hubs give fundraisers the freedom and flexibility to organise their own events. Simplify the sign up process by providing straightforward event and participation guidelines, keeping everyone in the loop. 
  • How to test and learn
    Monitor how your community is responding and experiment with new ideas to keep your hub thriving and give supporters a reason to come back.

Webinar Q & A

Do you think a community hub could also work to host entries to Third Party Events?

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Jasmine: Definitely! Community hubs are the easiest way to bring all your fundraising options together in one place. Not only will it make a great addition to your site, it will help you lure in repeat fundraisers with the opportunity to take part in more of the events they love. The desire for participation in third party events shows no sign of slowing, so giving people options to get involved on their terms is only ever going to be a good thing.

What do you need to do to rebuild a community programme post covid and who are the best groups to target for new support?

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Jasmine: It really depends on your data and what you know about your supporters' behaviour. A good place to start is by identifying who your best supporters are and encouraging other fundraisers to behave the same way. Continually testing will help you identify and remove the pain points that prevent supporters from signing up. 

Keith: As humans we naturally align ourselves with tribes or communities that appeal to us. Even the shockwave of covid has been unable to shake this subconsious need. Whether you're building a community for the first time or rebuilding after a hiatus, there are some vital questions that you should always consider. How do you define what community is? What do your supporters want? Why is your community valuable to your supporters? Will your offering provide a meaningful connection?

Leveraging the ever growing list of technological tools has made community building easier than ever before. Your commitment is to always ensure that you're consistently delivering connected, motivational experiences.

How might you be able to use the community hub, from a corporate fundraising perspective?

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Jasmine: A corporate partner will be looking for a charity that really understands their needs, and gives them tailored options. Creating a community hub makes it so much easier for people to get involved on their terms. This flexibility will enable a corporate partner to leverage regional leaderboards, specific team events and targeted gamification to encourage healthy competition. Other fundraising options such as matched giving or giving days can also really help to drive urgency, reward and impact.

What is the best way to recruit and better retain supporters beyond the event giving cycle?

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Jasmine: It's important to remember that not everyone is always in the fundraising mindset and may be happy to simply donate or get involved in other ways. Having a community hub will give your supporters a reason to keep coming back. Including all of your community members in all of your communications will help keep the relationship warm and prevent you from losing any effort spent investing in their support or fundraising efforts.

How to gain insight into how community hubs can be used across an entire portfolio

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Jasmine: Start simple by picking your top performing campaigns or events, and just bring them together in one place. This will help you see if one campaign can help grow the other.

How can you increase the average donation handle donations? 

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Keith: This is all about checking performance data. For your donation handles, you need to know what your average donation is and what they can ‘buy’ with that donation. Always consider the pursuit of achievement, status and power of seeing impact in action. Increasing the incentive to push further, raise harder or donate more is a problem felt across the entire fundraising community. However sometimes the simplest actions yield the best results. Exploring inspiring and unique nudges, badges or gamification techniques, which encourage people to donate that little bit more, can help turn something from 'transactional' to 'memorable'.

Are supporters able to communicate with each other on the community hub directly?

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Keith: How you want you supporters and participants to communicate can be set up depending on your event needs. For example if you're hosting a live stream event, Funraisin can embed Twitch livestream chat onto pages. Alternatively, if you're running a Facebook fundraiser, we can integrate Facebook Messenger onto event pages. 

Jasmine: Alternatively you can link to your Facebook Groups directly from your community hub, such as in your fundraiser dashboard.

How can interactions and engagement be improved on charity posts?

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Keith: Building a social post playbook that sets out the type of content that will be posted on specific times, dates and to which audience will help maintain consistency. Web and social platforms are becoming increasingly clever at algorithmically profiling, ranking and indexing content based on real engagement, so being direct is key. If you post something for the sake of it, it's unlikely to perform well. 

Jasmine: People love stories, especially happy ones, so bringing the human touch to every piece of content will go a long way towards increasing performance. You want to motivate people to really identify with your message and feel a part of your team. 
Giving your users access to inspirational content ideas, such as leveraging your feedback loop, will speed up the sharing process and organically extend your network reach. User Generated Content is considered more authentic and will likely rank better. 

Can you use Google Analytics to track from your website across to the community hub?

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Funraisin allows you to add full Google Analytics tracking to every aspect of your sites, from flow reg flows to content blocks. Using inbuilt Short URLs you can track every submission whether entered through a form, registration or donation. 1-1 matching enables you to really see the true return you are getting from your marketing efforts.

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