Emotive Fundraising Journeys

Updated date and time!

Thurs 17 March | 9:30am GMT/UTC, 8:30pm AEDT

Join us alongside More Strategic UK’s Julie Roberts for an engaging workshop showcasing different ways that the Funraisin platform can be utilized to create journeys that connect the cause and the donor in meaningful experiences.

We'll also be hearing from Pancreatic Cancer UK's Ciara Cakebread on how they capitalised on the platform to build their Double Donation day into a runaway success- to raise over £400,000.


Following the release of our new Facebook Fundraising+ module announced last week, and the level of interest it’s generated, we’re postponing this webinar until 17 March to ensure we cover Facebook fundraising as part of the workshop.

Julie Roberts

More Strategic UK

Come join us for this session, we'll be joined by my friends at Pancreatic Cancer UK, to look at the Double Donation appeal that raised over £400,000 last year! We'll also host a supporter experience building exercise to investigate how to get the most out of your fundraising platform.

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