Emotive Fundraising Journeys

More Strategic UK's Julie Roberts and Pancreatic Cancer UK's Ciara Cakebread, joined us to host a strategy workshop that delves into the supporter's fundraising experience and how we as organisers can better optimise their journeys.

What will you learn

  • How can you influence behaviours?
    A light introduction to Customer Experience theory, Behavioural Economic Nudges and Philanthropic Psychology.

  • Double Donation, Double Survival
    How Pancreatic Cancer UK reached over £400,000 in donations through a matched giving crowdfunder.

  • Putting it into Action 
    An exercise in exploring the customer journey, through a supporter oritentated empathy map; and the funraisin solutions that help fill the gaps.

Questions & Answers

What are the key benefits of Funraisin compared to platforms like The Big Give?

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"What I like about Funraisin is that it's fully branded. I don't think you can have fully branded sites on The Big Give (correct me if i'm wrong), Funraisin is all about interaction and having ownership over the content blocks and what you can add on Funraisin like the scrolling ticker, or the ability to leave messages - which is actually really useful on Case Studies...heartbreaking often, but really good because you can reach out to people.

Thank you Ciara, I'd like to build on that and say it's really about first and foremost - Funraisin is not the 'funder' we are the 'technology'. However, we can allow your campaign to be your campaign, to Ciara's point. It's your brand, your URL, your partners, whichever corporate partners or matchers that you want to use, you can use. You can customise it in the way that you want to customise it. Meaning, all the things you want to include that we spoke about in the session to build your experiences for your donors. The visualisations to show your impact, (i.e. every £10 is paying for X of meals/nights of care/etc), the centralised database means you can always revert to the donor/supporters history, you can keep your pages simple and yeah you can create the content you want, hype the content you want to."
- Keith

It would be great to know what you learnt from talking to other charities to help your campaign.

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"We all felt really lucky to talk to the Australian Heart Foundation (who are huge!) who had a linkup with the AU's equivalent of the BBC, and big outdoor adverts, it was really helpful to chat to them. They really outlined to us about HOW important the supporter journey was. They emphasised the importance of drip feeding the messaging around early diagnosis research before hand (and why its so important to fund that). They also spoke to how important user-generated content was in helping to create a buzz around the campaign. 

We also really benefited from talking to Lustgarten Foundation, who reminded us not to be too scared to email, or make the ask - don't worry about about people unscubscribing, because in that case they aren't for you anyway! "
- Ciara

"Also worth adding is using the "Omni-channel" approach - don't be afraid to not just use Email, but use SMS, Social Media, because as Ciara said, people miss emails, it's so easy now! We get so bombarded but actually, people have a multi-channel life. It's easy to share in different places, and it's easier for the users to be able to see things in the different channels because thats where they will be at different times in the day."

If you do need quite a lot of info in terms of emergency contact info, dietery requirements etc. Would you recommend asking for this at a later date?

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“The reality is that not every single person is going to come back post-registration flow. If you have information that is critical for the campaign, you should ask it up-front. It will slow down a few registrations but tends not to be that big of a difference. If you are looking for something that is more “nice to know” for instance, “how did you hear about us?” those would be the kind of things that you could ask a bit later. For instance, in the UK if you have their address and opt-in you can claim gift aid, so that should be something you register early and upfront as part of their registration flow. Otherwise, you may end up chasing people for the next 6 months for certain pieces of information. 


Something to keep in mind is that if someone is turned off by a slightly longer flow, they may not be right for your campaign - i.e. may have been likely to have a lower average page value, and those who are happy to take those extra split seconds adding their addresses in, are likely to end up raising more. As event organisers, there is a bit of a trade-off there to be aware of. The only other thing is that in funraisin if they don’t complete their reg flow, you have that info - so you can reach out to them with automated emails to complete their registrations and rengage them- there are ways to claw those people back.”

- Luka

“We see some charities that slim down their registration but have two or three critical things they need to gather. We also see other charities collect more data in the fundraiser’s dashboard area,  for instance, Tshirt sizes for the Tshirt they won. The key thing here is to know your audience and build that emotional slide into the event experience that creates the supporter’s buy-in.”


“Also that can be a big money saver, if you do have reward tiers and incentives like free hoodies, t-shirts etc. It’s really good to get them to come back and confirm their address! Often people might put fake addresses to fill in the registration quickly, but then you send them their t-shirt and they never get it. It’s a great money saving technique to get them to re-confirm their shirt size and address”

- Luka

How does one click acquistion work with Facebook? Is this using FB lead ad forms or something else within Funraisin?

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Take a look at our Facebook Fundraising+ page here. There you can also book a call to discuss the Facebook Fundraising+ module with us directly, and find any answers you need!

Thank you to our speakers

We hope you've taken away a few learnings, confirmed some of the techniques you are already using, and we look forward to seeing you in our next live session!

Keith and Luka from Funraisin , Julie from More Strategic
& Ciara from Pancreatic Cancer UK

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