Lead generation: nearly everything you need to know

15 July 2017

We're involved with a lot of  fundrasing events where lead gen is essential to early traction of the event success, not to mention the longer term goal of turning in supporters into regular givers.

If, like a lot of us, you feel lost sometimes when it comes to lead gen (it's hard to know where to start) then this post is seriously going to help.

We're linking you off to this awesome, all encompassing guide as a great place to start. As always from the Typeform team, it's beautifully designed and... well, human.

"Once you know who you’re after, you’ve got to get their attention. Because if you’ve got your eyes on a target—but they don’t know you exist - that’s called stalking. And nobody trusts a stalker."


Give me the run down on lead gen

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