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Kate McKeand
Combat Stress
Head of Challenges
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Kate oversees the challenge and community events at Combat Stress, keeping things human and exciting! She shared her recent lived experience of the most recent iteration of March in March - which saw a giant leap in YOY fundraising - exceeding their original target by over 400%! 

Luke Edwards
Elevate Fundraising
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Luke has had his hand in many of Australia's highest performing fundraising events -including The May 50k which has raised $17million in the past three years alone. He will be sharing his expertise gathered over the past 15 years, covering the opportunities available to you within data-led experiences that start with you reg flow.   

Keith Williams
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Keith has spent 20 years working on some of the worlds biggest events and platforms and has extensive experience managing a platform with millions of fundraisers and donors - including 7 years leading global business activities at one of the world’s largest event management companies and subsequently, as General Manager of one of the UK’s largest social giving platforms.

top take-away

We wanted to make life as easy as possible for fundraisers...I'm very much of the belief that the easier you make it for fundraisers, the more they will raise. The leaderboards even engaged our older supporters, 71% received at least one donation - and 10% of our fundraisers made that first donation themselves. 

top take-away

Keep people's connection to the cause - even if they don't have one - in their mind. Even if they are taking part in The May 50k for the fitness side of things, don't let them say that - encourage them to say "I don't have a connection to MS, but want to support a worthy cause". This helps them build the cause into their mental picture of the event, and is going to get more people over the line to actually fundraise.

top take-away

Focus on the “the power of “Go One More” , by adding 1% to each step of the funnel, we increased the value of the example event by 38%. These incremental changes can be life-changing both for your event, your cause and the people you support.

Detailed notes:

Why we are focusing on registration... and conversion
by Keith Williams

  • In P2P, registrations is the first step before fundraising. It's where fundraising success starts Registration should be a highly optimised machine that drives fundraisers.
  • The data captured in registration should create personalised fundraising pages and magical experiences.
  • Registration and fundraising should be built as one platform, not two.
  • Don't forget the power of “go one more”. Adding 1% difference to each part of the funnel can result in increased income generation.

Keith's Funnel & levers walkthrough!

Acquisition & Conversion checklist: 

  • Have access to key funnel performance data
  • Obsess about every marginal gain, every day
  • Have the tools to take immediate action to improve any part of the journey
  • Know what the are tools to make improvements

March in March/ Combat Stress

by Kate McKeand

  • March in March is a simple virtual challenge but they still iterate year on year Initially they kept things simple, and have become more sophisticated - with ideas for the future.
  • Their goal for 2021 was to uplift the number of people who actively fundraise Gamification elements and leaderboards informed by the reg flow process were well loved.
  • The ease of use was remarked upon by many people of all ages, even trustees.
  • Quality of stewardship made a real difference to fundraising uplift
  • Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference (kate did nothing crazy other than keep things easy, simple in one place and she got 400% more)

Tailoring your registration flow
by Luke Edwards

  • Focus on maximising every touchpoint and utilising every opportunity available
  • Rego process is the ONE thing you can use to collect information to understand your participants (and assess their connection, intent and motivation etc)
  • Don’t be afraid of adding extra questions / asking for information if it will improve your comms and results (i.e. an extra few seconds on rego is fine)
  • Even if you increased your rego process and lost 1-2% of regos, the gains in fundraising (from using that data) would mean better ROI

Use rego to understand connection to cause

  • The May 50K- We use the rego process to collect ‘connection’ to cause to understand the market and their connection to MS
  • This also instils a fundraising culture as to drive in the MS message to all participants
  • We only allow answers related to the cause to build the fundraising culture – i.e. even if you have no connection, we don’t let you say ‘I’m doing this to get fit’, you have to say ‘I have connection but I want to support a worthy cause’
  • For those with a connection and talking part for a person with MS, we ask them their name and add it onto their page – thereby making their page a personal tribute to that person (they are talking part for), and increases sense of ownership of the page… and as a result, the fundraising.
  • Plus, this also increases the conversion rate of the fundraising page as their friends and family are also connected to the person they are walking / running for 
  • Utilising the ‘distance goal’ and ‘activity’ (i.e. running / walking) help us tailor the comms to increase relevance and personalisation
  • It’s a good idea to use this in email comms and social sharing as it increase the conversion of participants to ‘email a friend’ and ‘share’ as the message is so relevant to them – and if a big distance (i.e. 50km), then conversion rate of email and social increase as their friends take notice (and the bigger a distance, the more funds raised)
  • As 90% approx of income come from email and FB, making these channels as relevant and personal as possible = big increases in revenue.
  • Great Cycle Challenge - I just give some examples of GCC and how we use ‘connection’ there also, for instance - We have a Tribute day where we have photos on an 80ft billboard in times square, and we allow those with a personal connection to add an additional ‘tribute’ image on the board (as we know these are our best fundraisers)

Increasing social referrals / teams
The ‘invite a friend’ feature is cheap promotion. It's great for utilising existing participants to spread the word on your behalf. 

The passion of participants

  • This is just a fun example of utilising something fun and engaging with dog name and how we use this to add onto the pages and the comms. The focus will be relevance and utilising the passion and interests of your audience to create a more engaging and rewarding experience across your event.

Fundraising goal and intent

  • Do not discount people who set a lower goal, as even though they set a goal lower than you like… it’s a considered action and they are telling you they ‘intend’ to fundraise (they just don’t have the confidence to set a high goal)
  • Then lead into how to increase intent and example from BLW and other events where we align the goal with the cause (images etc) and then prompt people to set a higher goal by inviting then, making it sound exclusive and also communicating benefits and incentives

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