Site of the Week: JDRF One Walk

15 September 2018

It's unknown what causes T1D, there's no cure, it can't be prevented and it's potentially life threatening.

It's Each year, JDRF One Walks around the globe bring together around a million people to raise over $85 million for T1D research - an autoimmune disease in which a person's pancreas loses the ability to produce insulin.

In Australia, the One Walk this year will take place in over 40 locations and funds raised will help more than 120,000 Australian's challenged by Type 1. This years event is seeing a solid 35% increase in funds with the site being designed to incorporate both the physical events and the new virtual walk option.

Designed and managed by fundraising experts, Elevate Fundraising, participants are led through personalised journeys based on their propensity to fundraise via the inbuilt Campaign Monitor module. The click and connect API syncs fundraising specific information calculated in real-time, such as percentage of fundraising goal complete, if they've self donated, increased their fundraising target, their rank and custom fields such as reason for walking. 

Everyone's encouraged to connect up their preferred Fitness App to track their training and 'virtual event' progress and gamification badges, designed with a JDRF 'Blue Army' theme, are used to maintain active fundraising through recognition and celebration of personal (and team) fundraising achievements.

A solid proprietary physical event from JDRF that's helping turn type 1 into type none.

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