Stepping up your fundraising recap

19 Aug 2020

Stepping up your Fundraising Replay and Recap

Funraisin's Marketing Director Brendan Rodgers was thrilled to be joined by Emily Clayton from Massive, Steve Oatley from ABF The Soldier's Charity and Charlotte Sills from Ovarian Cancer Action (and Women V Cancer). Don't miss out on a valuable session that follows what elements lie at the core of transitioning events to virtual. 

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Charlotte Sills
Ovarian Cancer Action

I really enjoyed being part of the webinar. With the way we fundraise changing so much, it’s great to hear and celebrate successes like Steve’s team at ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and share learnings with our fellow fundraisers.

Steve Oatley
ABF The Soldier's Charity

Virtual sits alongside the physical events and has as much thought and planning as our physical programme - we always start with "why". It is about giving a remarkable experience. We want people to remark on it to their friends and family, they are the best influencers.

Key Take-aways from the session:

"It is important to ensure your challenge is designed for your people. Excite and delight them - and you will cut through the noise.The method of attuning to your people, can help achieve cut-through in the crowded market."
Brendan from Funraisin

"The smart, creative, adaptive and bold charities that know their audiences, will thrive. Nothing has changed, it still comes back to providing a meaningful experience and cause. We must not stay in survival mode. We must plan to thrive."
Keith from Funraisin

"My final piece of advice is when transitioning to virtual, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, b
ut you do need to start with your context, your cause and your supporters."
Charlotte from Ovarian Cancer Action

"For the quickest win, get something off the ground! you don’t need a fully polished, beautiful looking idea. Launch in MVP (minimum viable product) then test and learn."
Emily from Massive

"Just because it is virtual doesn’t mean you can’t delight someone!"
Steve from ABF The Soldier's Charity

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