Enable your participants to think big and fundraise fast with tailored registration experiences

08 Apr 2022

Many organisations will have different participant types they’ll target to sign up for their event (think individuals, schools, corporate partners, community groups and more). By providing a tailored registration experience to varying types of entrants, you’ll see an immediate increase in conversion and page activation rates. 


For those with a strong focus on corporate partners, utilising the inbuilt Organisation flow enables you to collect specific information about the company, prompt them to add their company logo, the industry they operate in (eg retail, finance, technology) and more, enabling you to not only personalise their staff’s fundraising experience but to extend the competition between companies in the same industry.

Groups and schools

When appealing to community groups or schools, change the labelling of your standard fields to be tonally relevant (for example, upload your school emblem, set up a class).


For individuals, you may wish to ask if they’re participating in the event in memory or honour of a loved one - if they select yes, prompt them to then enter the name of that person which can then be used as merge fields inserted into an automated or triggered email, or simply added back into the participants’ fundraising page “Walking in honour of ”. 

Personalising the entry flow experience through contextually relevant entry forms, leads to an increase in conversion rates and results in a higher average amount raised.

See it in action

The Push-Up Challenge

The Push for Better Foundation  |  Australia

With tailored entry flows for different audience segments, The Push-Up Challenge makes getting involved super simple, whether as an individual, team or community group. The participant experience then changes to provide highly relevant content and prompts to promote friendly competition and further optimise the fundraising outcome.

Jeans For Genes

Children’s Medical Research Institute  |  Australia

Jeans for Genes gives supporters a near endless range of fundraising opportunities. Whether you’re a runner, a baker, or just want to give - Jeans for Genes has a place for you. These are not exclusive and can be set up at individual, team and organisational level.


Landaid  |  UK

A consistent contender for corporate fundraisers, SleepOut has strong repeat fundraising and focuses on knowing its audience inside-out. With virtual regions and leaderboards, they create competition amongst workplace teams to raise morale, and give them a clear challenge to sign up.

Tailor your registration

Get personal with your supporters with targeted registration journeys.

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