Visual Builder Masterclass

Visual Builder is made for fundraising. This frontend inline editor enables you to build highly engaging experiences, in minutes. 

Part 1 of the Masterclass covers fundamental design and layout principles which you and your team should be considering when building any 'great' page.

Part 2 (from 16min) of this Masterclass jumps into a live demonstration, where we build an entire page step by step - optimised for both mobile and desktop.

What you will learn

  • Principles of 'great' page design
  • Best practice in Typography, Buttons, Colour, Imagery, Spacing and Messaging
  • Structural optimisation: Sections, Columns and Blocks
  • Advanced attributes, styles and settings
  • Device optimisation
  • Templates
  • and more...

Questions & Answers

Is it possibile to define global styles, for example a card or main banner, so they can be used on multiple pages without having to create them from scratch each time?

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Visual Builder and the Funraisin Platform gives you the ability to quickly and easily apply your own custom styles to all elements. Custom styles can be applied globally from within your platform Design Setup, or may wish to only apply custom styles to a Page, Section, Column or Block - all of which can be defined from within the Advanced Tab within the Visual Builder Sidebar.

Can you copy and paste blocks into other sections, and possibly even other pages?

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The 'Lift and Shift' feature enables you to create a copy of a block and paste it anywhere on your page. This will replicate not just the block itself, but also all of the attributes such as spacing and styles.

Sections can also be copied across to any other page within either your platform or specific events. This is a great way to also bring over commonly used blocks, which you may then wish to replicate throughout that page.

Is it possible to create pre-built page layouts that can be copied to different campaigns or accounts?

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Pre-built page templates can't be copied to other platforms. 

Do you recommend a continuous scrolling page on both desktop and mobile view? If so does that make the page link click through redundant?

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There are a number of usability and accessibility studies which have been done specfically around infinite and continuous scrolling, surfacing a number of positives and negatives. Generally speaking it really depends on the content and the usage context of your audience - and the amount of content you wish to provide within your page (or entire site).

Consider first how this might impact things like Search Engine Optimisation, page performance, and most importantly the usability and accessibility for your audience.

If you were to choose to offer an infinite or continuous scrolling experience then you would still likely want to leverage the ability to apply a link to any element within your page - and have that link anchor and smoothly scroll to the relevant section within your page.

Will the header section have scheduling functionality in the future? eg on/off

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Yes, we refer to this feature as 'Section Automation' - and this feature is also being made available on Header Sections.

We will be talking more about Section Automation in one of our upcoming Masterclasses, this includes applying global and personalised conditional logic to have elements appear or become hidden.

We hope you've taken away a few learnings, confirmed some of the techniques you are already using, and we look forward to seeing you in our next Masterclass!

- Matt & Mike

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