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19 Jan 2022

How to bring your ideas to life to hit your fundraising goals

Hey, quick intro from me! I’m the new Marketing Manager for Customer Success at Funraisin. My goal this year is to help you be at your fundraising best, whatever that means for you. To help get you thinking ahead for this year, this is a cool podcast I’ve found from Jay Shetty.

On Purpose: 7 steps to manifesting results in 2022

Jay talks you through how to set an intention for your goals and build a path to make an impact. From digging deeper into why you’re doing it, to how to practically apply it to your life, and keeping an eye on how it's going and why. 

He also shares how it's important to make space to think, but focus on actions that move you forward - especially the ones that you learn from or love doing.

Find your why

What fundraising goals do you have for 2022? And what are you hoping to achieve and why?

Find your why, then build out an action plan for the things that will make the biggest impact for your charity - and not necessarily doing everything, but doing the right things well.

Thrive doing what you love

What do you love doing at your charity? Is it building relationships with your supporters? Sharing amazing stories about the impact you’re making together? Or crunching the numbers to see the return on your efforts? Whatever lights you up, make more of it and bring it into your day to day.

Feel free to get in touch if we can help make things happen.

Check out the podcast

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Jasmine Stone, Marketing Manager Customer Success

Jasmine Stone

Marketing Manager, Customer Success
Funraisin, UK team

Jasmine's career in marketing has been focused on doing the right thing, really well, for the people and causes she cares about. With over five year's in fundraising tech, she's largely experienced in building customer centric experiences and stewarding fundraisers and charities.

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