Take your fundraising appeals to the next level with Personalised URLS

How can you make your fundraising appeals stand out from the crowd and lift conversion rates?

What is a PURL?

Personalised URLs (PURLs) are a simple and effective tool that will help supercharge the donor journey, using intelligent automation. Using PURLs will help you create an engaging and inspiring user experience, increase response rates, drive donations and help bolster your donor retention strategy.

Personalised URLs allow you to pull through information from your database (or other data source) which can then be used to automatically create customised donation, appeal, or event pages for individual supporters.

Why should we use PURLs?

PURLs are personalised to each donor

Donors are more likely to give if they feel connected to your cause and valued by your organisation. With PURLs you can insert personalisation tags throughout your communications, in the same way you would when using Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp. You can add in any relevant personalisation tags - if you have the data - but it's important not to overdo it!

Tip: Try adding your donor’s first name to the introduction of each touchpoint, and throughout your landing pages to draw attention to the content you wish to highlight.

PURLs make it easier to donate by reducing friction

With PURLs you can auto-fill donation forms with a donor's personal details so all they need to do is enter their payment details. This helps to reduce the steps required to make a donation and significantly improves the donor's user experience.

PURLs can generate tailored dollar handles based on a donor’s giving history

If your database contains suggested donation amounts for each donor, based on their giving history, you can generate unique dollar handles to reflect these amounts. If you don’t have this exact data available, you can still segment your selected audience into tiers based on their giving history and pre-populate dollar handles with an average gift amount.

Things to remember when using PURLs

PURLs work best with warm audiences

PURLs will only be effective for donors who have a history of supporting you, so don’t use them on a cold audience. The more data you have on your supporters in your database (particularly giving history), the more effective PURLs will be.

Segment your audiences

If your database has suggested prompts for each donor, make sure you add these to your template so that they will be unique to each donor's giving history. If your database does not have suggested prompts, you can still segment your selected audience into groups based on their gift level and add high, medium, and low donor handles for each one.

Don’t add too many personalisation tags

Not every donor will have provided you with the same amount of data during the sign up process, so focussing on simple yet effective personalisation is key. For example, focussing on auto-filling the donation forms to make giving easier for your supporters is a far more impactful business process than ultra-personal copy on your appeal page.

Utilise your data to breathe personality into the touch-points that supercharge the supporter journey and provide every donor with unique experience. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more and make your appeal stand out from the crowd with Personalised URLs!

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