10 of the best metrics that nonprofits can help track and grow their charity

25 July 2017

The best ecommerce entrepreneurs are obsessed with metrics

In fact, it’s this obsession with measuring and optimizing that allowed their stores to grow so fast.

However, they don’t optimize every single metric available. Instead, they only optimize the right metrics. What are these metrics?

In this article, 10 essential ecommerce metrics are listed that will create a huge impact on a business when you track and optimize them.

These metrics can be seamlessly applied to nonprofits; online donations, merchandise and ticket sales.

If you can't spare the time to read the article (recommended!), here’s the 10 metrics your nonprofit should measure:

    1. Donation Conversion Rate

    2. Website Traffic

    3. Opt-In Conversion Rate

    4. Revenue By Traffic Source

    5. Donor Acquisition Cost

    6. Average Donation Value

    7. Lifetime Value

    8. Percentage of Returning Donors / Fundraisers

    9. Donation Form Abandonment Rate

    10. Net Promoter Score

Give me the low down on the 10 metrics that rule them all.

Courtney Evans is Co Founder & General Manager at Funraisin. With a background in digital extending back to the mid 90s, Courtney's covered experience mapping, product management, analytics, content & funnel marketing, UX & email. You can drop him a line at courtney@funraisin.co or on +61 2 8006 1009 

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