3 Ideas to build your end of year fundraising portfolio

29 Aug 2023

Here's some of our favourite festive fundraising ideas from the campaigns of Christmas past. Check out a few of our top picks to kickstart your festive campaign planning.

🥳 Celebrate your year 

Take the time to say thank you to your community and celebrate what you made possible together. Show the impact of your fundraising total, and the faces behind it all.

Key features we recommend:

  • Leaderboard
  • Impact Stats
  • Totaliser

Throwback from Christmas Past: SCHF's Annual Impact Report.

Supporters were thanked for how they helped raise a staggering $76,621,834 for all sick kids, no matter where, no matter what.

SCHF Annual Impact Report

🫶 Supercharge your festive appeal 

Tap into the season of goodwill and unite your community around a common goal. Focus on what their gifts mean to your cause this holiday season, and the difference they’ll be making this Christmas.

Key features we recommend:

  • Scrolling Ticker
  • Matched Giving
  • Donation Feed

Throwback from Christmas Past: Wayside Chapel's Donate a Plate.

As supporters donated plates to this highly successful campaign, their personalised message on a plate appeared on Wayside Chapel’s Christmas Cheer Wall. They could also download their plate to share on social media.

🎁 Send seasons greetings 

E-cards and virtual gifts are perfect for supporters on the lookout for gifts that give back, plus they can schedule cards to send to their loved ones any time in the festive season! E-cards are simple and cost-effective to create, and great for the eco-conscious supporter.

Key features we recommend:

  • Shop
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Scheduler

Throwback from Christmas Past: St Vincent De Paul's Do Good Gifts.

Supporters could choose a meaningful gift to send to friends and family, either emailing this directly to the recipient with their personal message included, or downloading a PDF.

🤓 Next steps

Here's our recommended next reads, tools and demos to take your festive fundraising up a notch.

Christmas fundraiser full page template

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Create your campaign in a pinch with our ready-made templates - created with design and website best practice top of mind.

7 Easy steps to create a Christmas eCard fundraiser

Create a Christmas eCard fundraiser

Diversify your festive fundraising with Christmas eCards. Now more personalised than ever, fundraisers can send a card ready for Christmas.

Try out our Christmas eCard demo

See what's possible and try the virtual gift experience for yourself. From personalisation to scheduling, it's quick and easy to share Christmas magic.

Create a festive fundraiser

Got an idea for your festive fundraiser? Book in a chat with our team and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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