7 Easy steps to create a Christmas eCard fundraiser

15 Aug 2023

Christmas eCards are an accessible and great way to diversify your seasonal fundraising income at a low cost, as well as supporting the latest sustainability initiatives. They’re an easily personalised and meaningful gift your supporters can send to friends and family.

After our latest eCard upgrade, now is a great time to start thinking about how to make the most of our new personalisation and scheduling features in time for your Christmas campaign planning.

As a reminder, fundraisers can now:

  • Personalise fundraising cards with a name and message
  • Download straight away or send via email
  • Pick and choose from sending now or schedule for later on

📝 Choose your best donation values

Go back to your finance teams and find out your latest price points for what donations will fund.

Take a look at these examples from Do Good Gifts or Pockets of Power. Instead of just giving a donation, you’re giving safety or power to endeavour. 

🎯 Keep your audience in mind

Consider what’s affordable for your audience right now, or what they’d want to give in lieu of a present. Make it flexible with choosing your own donation amounts vs set gifts.

🏃 Make it seasonally relevant

Do some digging! Is there a way you can make your pricing points or gifts seasonally relevant? Consider things like a Christmas night’s stay, or Christmas dinner itself.

🏆 Add some festive cheer

Think about what will add some fun to their inbox and create designs your supporters will love sending.

Consider whether you just want to send a card graphic, or whether you can catch their attention for longer with a video - like this example from Gift A Wish, where they brightened someone’s day with their Disney Campaign partnership video ‘From Our Family to Yours’, or this one from Scottish SCPA with their Badger of Honour.

🎨 Make it personal

Make sure to frame your card around where their name and message can be dropped in using our dynamic personalisation tags. These can be dropped in anywhere you like and include:

recipient_first_name The first name of the person the purchaser is sending the virtual gift to.
recipient_last_name The last name of the purchaser is sending the virtual gift to.
recipient_email The email address the purchaser is sending the virtual gift to.
recipient_comments The comments the purchaser will add to the virtual gift.
product_price The amount the purchaser paid for the virtual gift.

🎨 Take advantage of scheduling for your audience

Think about what’s relevant for your audience and the seasonal cards they might want to send from dates to messaging, so they can schedule them to arrive on the days they’re celebrating.

This collection from Red Kite gives supporters four card design options from seasons greetings to happy holidays, and this collection from The Smith Family gives supporters our latest scheduling options.

🎨 Choose your format

If you have the merchandise fulfilment capability already, consider whether you want to make your cards available by post too.

By making it more flexible, you can reach even more supporters. Take a look at Jesuit Mission’s fundraising cards for both postal and online options.

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🤓 Next steps

Whether you have a shop already, or just need to create your cards, book in a chat with our team and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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