Ask us Anything Seminar Recap

07 May 2020

Welcome to our Ask Us Anything Seminar Recap!

The format for this session was a little unusual for the Us and Us collective, and generally we found it a very therapeutic experience! By this point we’re proud to have delivered 5 sessions, all of which caused our attendees to probe further, and ask more questions of our panellists! It is so great and exactly what you want from a virtual talk, that we were beginning to feel the need to round up those questions, and bring them all together for a special one-off session.

We asked each guest to submit questions and despite not making it mandatory, well over 90% of our guests did! So we poured over the questions, and came out with quite a few key themes that were being asked about:

Are Virtual Events the Future?

What does a successful virtual event look like?

How else can we keep our audience engaged?

How do we get cut through in a crowded market place?

How can we use less budget and resource effectively?

What does this mean for the future?

Due to the nature of this session -it’s difficult to give you key take aways, save transcribing every response! This really was a brilliant session.

If any of the above questions resonate with you, view the recording:

Check out the slide deck below, or download the pdf.

Download the Slides


John: “With the mass adoption of virtual meetings, does that mean I’m going to be working from home for the rest of my life? The answer to that is “Please God no!”. I think Virtual events, much like Zoom, will change the game to make us think that there are new ways of doing things”

Emily: Be brave! What has happened during this period is everyone has been asked to do things a lot more quickly, and make decisions to get things moving faster. This is a great thing to take into the future!

Jacob: Don’t take your eye of the long term goals, do what you need for survival right now, but always have an eye for your longterm goals and success. Secondly this is the time to try things out - this is the time to try things out, you are never going to get leeway from your fundraisers, users and supporters

Claire: LEARN! Test things, use data, as Emily said, be brave - but learn from that! Then take things forward.

Brendan: I am a real advocate for the audience mapping side of things in terms of your communications; go to town and try out new things. The opportunity for creativity is very exciting - and I wish you all the best!

Shannan: Using this time to invest and research reward and recognition elements that have digital and virtual built in - so that volunteers have a way of engaging with you once all this has passed is a great shout right now.

Ros: If you are a fundraiser listening who doesn’t have enough digital knowledge -now is the time to own it, and take the chance to train yourself. It is going to be important and now is the time to take the time!

Keith: Have a clear objective - don't over complicate things, Ovarian Cancer Action kept a simple idea for a site, 2 days later £15000 raised, they had one - with a simple ask please walk 295,000 steps.

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