How to influence fundraiser targets to hit your income targets

23 Feb 2024

You’ve done the first step in getting your fundraisers, now build momentum towards your income target by influencing your community to hit and exceed theirs.

When a charity has targets to hit, amplifying certain behaviours and actions of your individual fundraisers is a surefire way to increase your page averages

Lead the way, set the bar, and start influencing your fundraiser’s behaviour with targets.

Check them out below 👇

Set fundraising defaults

To help you hit your fundraising income target, give your fundraisers something to aim for by setting their default fundraising target. Avoid missing out on donations by making sure every fundraiser has a target - and it's guided by you! This is a free and easy way to help you hit your income goal. 

Fundraisers can always increase their target, but this gives them a default minimum fundraising target. Simply head over to Edit Event > Fundraising Options to set yours.

You can also tailor your targets for your individual fundraising segments, including individuals, teams and organisations, or for your unique events.

Set targets upfront

With our latest feature Target Donation Handles, you can encourage fundraisers to choose a fundraising target from the get-go in your registration flow. This is a good opportunity to make sure all fundraisers have a target and to encourage fundraisers to increase their target and hit a new fundraising tier.

Reward fundraising behaviours

Positively reinforce giving behaviour by rewarding fundraisers when they hit set milestones, rather than giving too much away for free when they sign up. Leverage any assets you have to motivate your fundraisers to hit your minimum fundraising targets. 

For example, you could choose to give away a t-shirt when they hit your minimum default target or a certain milestone such as first sponsored donation or halfway point to target, or relate giveaways to your first donation handle, so it becomes something tangible.

Set the Target trend

Give fundraisers something to aim for by sharing how fundraisers like them did last year. Add a simple text nudge in your registration flow to share how much your fundraisers typically raised last year, and then challenge them to beat it. There is also something in user experience where a psychological decision and engagement with the target impacts the success of that fundraiser.

So why not go the extra mile for repeat participants by sharing how much they specifically raised last year using personalised URLs.

Check out an example from Ronald McDonald House Charities Up All Night.

Incentivise higher targets

Motivate fundraisers to become high value fundraisers with fundraising tiers, rewards and VIP clubs. Give fundraisers who reach certain milestones a group identity and encourage fundraisers to want to be a part of it. Reward fundraisers with exclusive merchandise, VIP fundraising page upgrades and unique badges. This is a great way to increase your average fundraising page value, rather than needing to acquire even more fundraisers.

Check out an example from Reach Out - Laps For Life

Celebrate every donation

It’s not just fundraisers you can influence, but their donors too. With our latest feature Donation Nudges, you can visually celebrate the impact of every donation in real time, encouraging donors to help fundraisers hit their targets.

These can be set at percentage milestones such as celebrating hitting halfway towards their target, or for significant numbers such as celebrating the most generous donor. 

Check out our blog on 5 ideas to get started with Donation Nudges for more.

Celebrate your progress

Whilst your fundraisers work away with their own targets, make sure to reinforce why you’re all there in the first place with a central Totaliser to bring it all home. 

Focus your campaign on the big number you want to hit and what the difference means to your fundraisers. This could then be tied back to your Donation Handles as to how many people you’re helping. Don't forget to keep celebrating target progress and achievements regularly with your community, whether that's on a Facebook group, emails, or your campaign event hub - motivate and spur them on!

One customisation we love is Wayside Chapel’s donation multiplier, where fundraisers can choose how many people to help with $32 per person. Check it out in their latest Valentine’s fundraiser.

Whatever you do, make sure to check back to see how your fundraisers are doing by looking at data and insights within your dashboard, and which nudges are helping them along their way to hitting their targets. You can always refine the target goals, or dial it up with a new trigger, badge or giveaway.

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