Use marketing automation for personalised journeys

26 June 2017

High performing events utilise marketing automation as part of their fundraising strategy

Whether it be Pardo, AutoPilot, Campaign Monitor or MailChimp - getting data to whatever platform you use, quickly and effortlessly has become a priority for many event admins.

Not all fundraising platforms are equal when it comes to sending data to other 3rd party platforms so it's vital that you take this into consideration when planning your comms strategy.

Funraisin supports, out of the box, the ability to send data to these platforms easily without any need for a developer making 3rd party integration a breeze and allows you to get on with the task at hand without having to worry about re-importing data every day before your comms.

But regardless of who you use for you fundraising, you should make sure that you at least cover the bases when it comes to sending data across to your preferred platform.

These steps below I think are vital to take into consideration when planning not only your comms and your fundraising platform.

Timing is Essential

The worst case scenario is having data sent to your marketing automation platform late or not in sync with your comms strategy, so it's imperative that you be in control of not only what information is sent, but also when it is sent. No one wants to be emailing fundraisers with out of date information!

Our unique system puts you in complete control and let's you define what information gets synced from your own platform to your marketing automation platform and then we are able to tailor this to a schedule that suits your comms strategy so you can be assured that when you send out an email or SMS, the information is the very latest.

Getting the right data

This goes without saying, but so often we hear about how hard it is to get the right data out of a fundraising platform and often some require you to resort to manual manipulation resulting in a delayed approach.

Make sure that you are able to get out the vital information that you need to power your comms strategy and make sure that that data is absolutely 100% up to date.

Allow for Change

No matter what you put into planning your comms, you need to be able to adjust things on the fly, whether that is tweaking the data that is sent, or the frequency it is sent at. Don't be locked down so that you aren't able to react to your fundraiser's needs.



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