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RBC Race for the Kids

October 2021

Royal Bank of Canada’s Global Family Fun Run Leads The Way For Corporate Charity Fundraising

Royal Bank of Canada’s Race for the Kids started as a single event in 2009 and grew to a series of 17 in person Races, raising over C$65 million and attracting 290,000+ participants. For the charity partners, supporters and RBC staff, it has grown to become a key fixture in the international fundraising calendar.

Over the past 12 years, thousands of children, families, RBC’ers and communities have come together all over the world to raise millions of dollars to support youth charities. Now, imagine taking this “for good” experience and much needed funds away from people who need it most at a time when this help is needed most... The events of COVID 2020 had a profound impact on fundraising but this wasn’t going to stop RBC supporting kids and youth-focused causes.

With nothing to gain, but give, RBC, with support of Limelight Sports took on the big task of building a single global site offering a ‘virtual’ model to continue to unite and in In 2020, Race for the Kids Funraisin platform delivered the virtual race for 36 nonprofits in 16 countries and incredibly for 2021 for with 35 charity partners in 19 countries.

Back for a second year as a virtual event, RBC has once again raised the bar to deliver a unifying event that transcends geographical borders and unites individuals within an ever growing global community movement. Through the use of augmented reality social sharing, inspirational leaderboards, laser focused participant showcasing and the introduction of a bespoke fundraising app, RBC broke down the barriers that usually prevent true international engagement opportunities.

The switch from designated in person events to a virtual model has opened up Race for the Kids to more people and built more global connections and awareness than ever before. Participants can choose in one step a cause to support, race distance, a location and can kick start donations straight away with a highly personalised fundraising page. 

Participation in RBC Race for the Kids is open to the general public, employees of Royal Bank of Canada and individuals connected to any of the respective charity partners. During the registration flow participants are provided with opportunities to interact to make selections and choices that will later determine the personalisation of their digital experience. 

With youth activism on the rise, children around the world are being inspired to participate in fundraising. RBC Race for the Kids provides an opportunity for children to take part alongside adults. All child pages can be created during the initial registration and are fully managed by the child’s respective parent/guardian. The child pages have been made fun digitally for the child too where they can unlock badges just like you would in a game.

Not only is this a positive way to further embed the community spirit that underpins the cause, it helps to nurture the next generation of fundraising superstars and build a more generous and compassionate future.

Royal Bank of Canada has placed an emphasis on reinforcing best practices to ensure that their cause-first, community led focus is felt at every participant touchpoint. This approach has helped to create a movement within the fundraising sector; with children worldwide benefiting from empowered organizations and individuals.

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