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Covid-19 is already having a significant impact and damaging the economy. Charities are certainly not immune to this, and your vital recipients and causes will suffer from the widespread disruption.

That’s why we've created COVID-19 response packages to help charities fill a gap with their planned, cancelled or postponed events and campaigns, and waiving fees for charities.

We’ll help you quickly turn your live events into virtual ones, or create socially integrated campaigns, to keep your fundraisers, fundraising - in a way that’s good for them and you.

Our production teams have begun transforming our bespoke Funraisin platform into beautiful, templated fundraising packages to be available to offer even more charities an easy, ‘pop up’ campaign.

These are designed to offset the revenue loss from your cancelled events and keep the doors open for those charities that are in crisis, and those who will be significantly impacted.

We’re deploying our efforts to charities that need it, at no cost and attempting to serve as many charities as possible. Demand is high, and we thank you for your understanding as we continue to roll out this offering for those charities that need it most.

If we can help your organisation, please reach out to us.

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The packages


Raise the funds you need, now.

One-off appeals, regular giving and crowdfunding template to get you up and running fast to fill the gap in revenue. Real-time insights to see what works and what doesn't to help improve your conversion rates and increase your average donation amounts.
  • One-off and regular giving
  • Embeddable donation forms
  • Progress to goal
  • Donor comments 

Choose Appeal


Use humour, emotion and the unexpected to challenge your supporters to spread your mission.

Our socially integrated campaign package is designed to help you tap into network effects and build momentum. 

  • Design your own challenge 
  • Share and amplify
  • Social leaderboard
  • Virtual workplaces

Choose Social


Empower your supporters to fundraise their own way and showcase their passion.

Our DIY Fundraising package is designed to help your supporters collect donations from friends, families and colleagues. 

  • Donate your day
  • Something sporty
  • In celebration
  • Remote working events

Choose DIY


Empower individuals, teams and companies to showcase every step or mile of their activity.

Our virtual event package is designed to help keep your participants active, healthy and fundraising. 

  • Distance leaderboards
  • Gamification badges 
  • Triggered emails 
  • Reward and recognise

Choose Virtual


Our free COVID-19 response packages are not our normal offering. COVID-19 is harming the sector, and the charities we love and work so closely with. 

We want to help. 

We intend to provide the support that many charities need right now, with easy ‘pop-up’ virtual events, social campaign sites and DIY fundraising at no cost to the charity. 

Funraisin is built on providing advanced fundraising solutions to leading non-profits worldwide. Our normal offering includes many more features such as advanced P2P event configuration, native integrations with CRM products such as Salesforce, RE NXT and much more. Our normal fees include setup, hosting and transaction fees which allow us to support you in creating amazing participant experiences that fuel your growth and create deep relationships with our supporters. 

Our free COVID-19 response packages are a stripped-down version of the full Funraisin platform, helping you get set up fast and protect your fundraising income.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and months, and when supporter confidence is back, we can show you what else is possible through many more of the platform’s features. 

These free COVID-19 packages are available to those charities who are being significantly impacted, read the criteria here we’ve put in place to assess how we can most effectively use our resources to support your response.


What happens after I submit our organisation's request for one of the template packages?

We'll be in touch directly with you over the phone to chat through our process and let you know the next steps.

We’ll then:

  1. Setup your chosen event site 

  2. Send you an online checklist to complete which provides us with your default messaging (social sharing, donation defaults, personal fundraising message, and more) and copy/imagery you’d like to use

  3. Send you DNS records to add in your domain controller to ensure your branding is maintained throughout the supporter experience

  4. Style up your site and implement your content

  5. Connect up your payment gateway (support for Stripe and Paypal only)

  6. Share your new event site with you along with quick-start tutorial videos

  7. Go live

  8. Invite you to join our weekly live webinar focusing on getting the most from your Funraisin platform and increasing your revenue

How long will it take to get my template site up and running?

With the volume of requests we’re receiving, expect a 5-7 working day turnaround time to get your new template site setup. 

We'd suggest using this time to plan your communications to supporters, create engaging social posts, draft an email telling them what's coming and think about how you can use Funraisin’s inbuilt features of gamification badges and reward triggers to recognise your supporter's efforts.

Can my templated site use all of the Funraisin features? 

Unfortunately not. Funraisin supports some of the largest P2P events and appeals across the world. Our standard enterprise software contains loads of features - some require personal training (such as the out-of-the-box Salesforce integration) and others require our in-house production team's assistance (such as an appeal page that allows for an encrypted token in the URL which can pre-populate donation forms with values such as firstname, lastname, email and suggested donation amount based on the historical giving behaviour of a donor).

Any customisation you'd like to make to the COVID-19 packages, or the use of features that are not available in the COVID-19 packages, is certainly possible but may incur our standard setup fee. We can chat you through this if you're unsure after you enquire. Our intention is to provide quick response, high quality, charity branded fundraising options during this time of crisis and our COVID-19 package is a lite version of the full product we offer. 

Where is my template site's collected data stored, and what security policies are in place?

Funraisin uses AWS for all hosting. All of our UK and European client's data resides in Dublin, Ireland. All of our USA and Canadian client's data resides in North Carolina, USA. Our Australian and NZ client's data resides in Sydney, Australia.

Should your teams need more information on Funraisn’s security policies, or a copy of our Data Protection Addendums please indicate that when completing your request and we'd be happy to provide to you.

Can I see some examples of other charities you support?

Of course. Check out other pages on our website to see more. We support hundreds of charities internationally with their DIY fundraising, P2P events and much more.  

Can I export my data?

Yes is the short answer. You'll have real-time access to your data within the admin console at any time. The full Funraisin product provides more options to access and export your data such as an elegant API, SFTP, native integrations with CRM products such as Salesforce and more. Our COVID-19 packages provide a simple, real-time data export feature.     

How do transaction fees work?

  1. Information on Transaction Fees: Our transaction fees will be free to the charity, with an option for the donor to support our platform.

  2. Information on Credit Card Processing Fees: Stripe is the gateway being supported for our free COVID-19 packages. You'll need to set up a Stripe account. Stripe's credit card processing fees are specific to the country where your organisation is registered.