How to dramatically increase your event fundraising performance

Increase performance across your event fundraising funnel through optimisation and by reducing friction points.

"Some really useful little hints and tips to look at building into our pages"

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Victoria Read Customer Success Manager

Victoria Read
Senior Customer Success Manager at Funraisin

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Paul Parker Digital Partnerships Manager

Paul Parker
Digital Partnership Manager at Funraisin

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Check out the latest event performance tactics with our hosts Paul and Victoria

In the session, we covered:

• Benchmarks and insights for performance tracking
• Friction points across the front-end user experience
• Must-have features to acquire and activate more pages
• Ways to evaluate and how to raise more per page
• All-in-one solutions to build loyalty for the long-run

Don’t have time to watch the full webinar? Check out our takeaways below or download the presentation.


Increase performance across your event fundraising funnel through optimisation and by reducing friction points. To dramatically improve your event performance, we recommend that you:

  1. Measure all performance throughout your fundraising funnel
  2. Review your performance regularly
  3. Optimise based on low effort, big reward tactics
Focusing on: activated pages, number of gifts and value of gifts


📊 Key Metrics to Track

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When optimising your event fundraising funnel, focus on activating the highest number of quality fundraising pages possible by tracking three key metrics:

- Activated Fundraising Pages  

- Number of Donations

- Donation Value

🚥 Set Healthy Benchmarks

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We've found the following benchmarks can help guide optimisation efforts:

- Registration Conversion Rate: 80%

- Page Creations: 100+  

- Page Activations: 60%

- Average Donation Value: £30

👋 Acquisition and Conversion

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You can refine your registration flows by collecting only the necessary data fields to avoid reducing conversion rates. However, consider adding some decision points or personalisation questions that can lead to increased engagement and income. Tailor flows for social. 

Acquire high-value participants and fundraisers for free.

Ask fundraisers to invite their friends: 24% of fundraisers hear about campaigns from friends and family, and they can go on to raise £100 more on average.

🏃 Page Activation Amplification  

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Focus on outcomes in the first 24 hours to get fundraisers engaged, self-donating, and their networks giving quickly. Self-donations equal fundraisers raising 3x more. 72% of participants get event updates through a Facebook Group, which is a great channel to drive fundraising engagement and nudges, so offer a fundraiser onboarding tour immediately after registering as the land on their page to get them to join your Facebook group. Monitor activation metrics like profile photos through campaign insights to encourage ongoing engagement.  

Examine your campaign Insights.

Keep track of and encourage your activation behaviours to keep fundraisers more engaged: for example, adding a profile picture increases a fundraising page by 32%.

🤗 Maximising Donations

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Build for mobile users with advanced and dedicated tailored flows and designs to maximise their needs. 

Elevate the prominence to donors of their donation impact through fundraiser target nudges to increase average gift values. One charity recently found it increased its average donation value by 16% year on year. 

Offer digital wallet payments for faster, more secure checkouts. Research shows that 54% of shoppers abandon a cart because they worry about payment security or 45% because they do not offer their preferred payment method.

Audience-driven donation values by segmenting flows for specific audiences with tailored unique donation defaults and service values. Focus Ireland segmented between public vs corporate fundraisers and saw 38% of the total income.

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