Empowering Supporters with Social Recap

26 May 2020

Welcome to our Empowering Supporters with Social recap!

It was a real delight to have such fantastic speakers with us for this session on social media. Joining us was Lightful's award winning Social Media Marketer - Tereza Litsa. She spoke about Social Media toolkits, and the importance of devising content and shareables that can so easily transform your supporters from advocates into content creators and influencers. Likewise, we thrilled to be joined by Sarah Pickersgill from Cancer Research UK who joined the conversation with some fantastic real life evidence of how social can fuel a fundraising campaign with their virtual pivoted event: Race for Life at Home.

How can I empower my supporters to share my mission on social?

How much more time are we spending on social media?

What are some quick wins to improve my social media presence?

What is a social media toolkit, and how can it benefit me?

What did Race for Life consider when it was pivoting to it's new "At Home" iteration?

How did Facebook Groups become a key to their success?

If any of the above questions resonate with you, view the recording:

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