End of year wrap up feat. Macmillan Cancer Support

17 Dec 2020

End of Year Wrap Up: Looking back on an intense year

Funraisin's Brendan was delighted to bring the 10th session for the end of the year. Joined for a final time in 2020 by Emily Clayton from Massive, and this time Fi West from Macmillan Cancer Support, the three looked back at the year. 

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Brendan Rodgers

This marked the tenth Us & Us session. When they launched in April, I wouldn't have thought we'd have been doing them this long. It has been wonderful to have so many people join for the last session fo the year, and even better to have such a great charity guest and event to round the year off. Thank you to Massive and Macmillan for joining in!

Emily Clayton

It was a special thing to return for the 10th and final session in 2020. Thoroughly enjoyed talking about The Virtual Fundraising Monitor, and how we worked with Macmillan to help them position their new Coffee Morning product Raise A Mug!

Fi West
Macmillan Cancer Support

Really glad to talk about how we looked at bringing new elements to the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, great to be able to share what we've experienced in this busy year.

Key Take-aways from the session:

"This year we have seen organisations of all sizes innovate and focus on their supporters, and the proof is looking at the amazing campaigns around us. Look at what you've all achieved!"
Brendan from Funraisin

"We've seen the value of Virtual - virtual isn't a dip, it's here to stay for the years to come"
Emily from Massive

"One crucial takeaway about Raise a Mug is that we designed it with a lot of thought (in a short turnaround time), but to be a future proofed element that has added potential across other products as well!"
Fi from Macmillan Cancer Support

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