Changes to Facebook Fundraising Payments in the UK, US and Canada

08 Sep 2023

What it means for you and how we are helping

Facebook has been, and is likely still, an essential channel for charities. However, with various donation problems encountered this year stopping the financial support of covering processing fees with Facebook Payments, it should be a reminder to make sure a charity campaign is not solely dependent on a single social marketing platform.

This reinforces the strategy that has guided Funraisin since it started in 2016 - building a platform that gives charities and their supporter’s multiple options for how they can launch and manage their fundraising efforts.  This includes a fully synced web and social fundraising experience with our Facebook Fundraising+ solution.

The Funraisin Facebook Fundraising+ solution allows you to consolidate your challenge events into a single platform and protects you from relying on one particular channel like Facebook fundraising. Funraisin ensures you have all of your supporter data and management tools in one place (rather than multiple platforms) and have made it easy for you to launch and manage the entire end-to-end campaign experience from a single place including marketing, registration flows, page creation, emails, and more. We also ensure your supporters see your domain/URL for confidence in their browser, and you remain in control of the data.  This helps you build additional trust with your supporters and also aids you in growing your own supporter base.

To help you navigate the changes in Facebook Fundraising, here’s what’s coming up over the next few months and how you can manage the transition for your charity.

From 31 August to 15th September

Any charity that has not transitioned to PPGF by 15th September and has supporters who have already created Facebook fundraising pages with an expiry after 31st October will run into errors with donations and editing. 

From 16 September

If you have switched to PayPal Giving Fund, Facebook fundraising pages can be created and have an expiry date after 31st October.

For any pages created before the 15th of September, the expiry date should be updated to continue on the 31st of October.

From 1 November

Meta will no longer cover payment processing fees for donations to charities with Facebook Payments, and the service will be switched to PayPal Giving Fund. At this time, all donations will be subject to PayPal Giving Fund’s payment processing fees. 

You’ll need to register with PayPal Giving Fund by this time to continue collecting donations via Facebook.

Find out more on Facebook’s FAQs.

What we are doing and recommend

Switch to PayPal Giving Fund

Make the switch as soon as possible to minimise any risk to your current campaigns. Start registering now if you haven’t already.

Facebook campaigns live now - Give all your Facebook Fundraisers a fully synced web fundraising page.

Dive into your Funraisin platform and your event module to ensure all your current Facebook Fundraisers have a web fundraising page to guarantee no disruption occurs. 

Campaigns planned for the future - Diversify with integrated fundraisers

In the future, create a fully two-way synced web and Facebook fundraiser with Facebook Fundraising+ Connected Events, or advertise using One Click Facebook Fundraisers to create web fundraisers from Facebook ads.

Our integration with Meta

In the short term, for any pages created before the 15th September we are looking to update the expiry date to before the 31st October. There are no guarantees with this.

We remain excited about our social media and messaging platform innovations and are fully committed to investing to support our charities' fundraising efforts.

We are always here to help, Find out more about Facebook Fundraising+ or chat to the team  

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