The P2P Events Landscape in Australia and New Zealand

26 Mar 2024

Dive into the latest trends and insights from the Australia and New Zealand peer-to-peer fundraising events landscape, uncovering strategies for growth and sustainability.

Recently the team at Donor Republic shared comprehensive data and trends from the Australia and New Zealand sector, offering valuable insights into the performance of peer-to-peer events and strategies for success.

We were super happy at Funraisin to be supporting 28 of the Top 30 events, and send a big congratulations out to all those clients for their efforts in delivering incredible results.  

Key Trends in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

Virtual vs. Physical Events

The fundraising events landscape has experienced a surge in both physical and virtual formats. Notably, virtual events, despite a significant increase in volume, saw an 8% drop in revenue, indicating challenges in sustaining financial growth. Conversely, physical events marked a resurgence, showcasing a potential for recovery post-pandemic with a 49% increase in occurrence.

Revenue Insights

In terms of revenue, physical events displayed resilience with a noticeable uptick. However, the overall revenue from these events did not align proportionately with the increase in volume, suggesting room for optimization in fundraising strategies. Additionally, Facebook challenges emerged as a growing trend, witnessing substantial growth in both volume and revenue, albeit from a significantly lower base.

The Importance of Diverse Event Portfolios

The data underscores the significance of maintaining a diverse portfolio of event types to cater to various donor preferences. While traditional events like walking, running, and cycling dominate the peer-to-peer space, emerging formats such as Facebook challenges present new opportunities for engagement and revenue generation.

Strategies for Success

Embracing Digital Innovation

Digital innovation plays a crucial role in enhancing participant engagement and streamlining fundraising efforts. Incorporating advanced digital tools and platforms can elevate the event experience for participants and bolster fundraising outcomes.

Focusing on Quality Engagement

Quality engagement with participants is pivotal. Tailoring communication and offering personalized experiences can significantly impact fundraising success. Moreover, leveraging data to understand participant behavior and preferences can inform targeted strategies for retention and acquisition.

Leveraging Data for Strategic Planning

Utilizing data-driven insights for strategic planning is essential. Analyzing trends and performance metrics allows organizations to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, enabling informed decision-making and optimized fundraising strategies.


The evolving landscape of peer-to-peer fundraising events presents both challenges and opportunities. By harnessing digital innovation, focusing on quality engagement, and leveraging data for strategic planning, organizations can navigate the complexities of the sector and achieve sustained success. As the events landscape continues to evolve, staying adaptable and responsive to emerging trends will be key to maximizing fundraising potential.

For a deeper dive into the insights and trends discussed, watch the full webinar here: 

Maximizing Success in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events: Insights and Trends Webinar.

Thanks to the DR team for their time and analysis! 

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