Please no, not another social network!

18 August 2016

Are you serious? Join *another* social network?

Let me start with a few quick questions…

    1. Are the blog posts you work so hard to create getting the level of attention you want?

    2. Do you have in-depth analytics for your blog content, like what percentage of visitors actually read the full article?

    3. Will your biggest supporters get a mobile push notification when you add a post? Or just an email… or nothing?

    4. Are you reaching audiences beyond your core supporters? Is anyone — you, your board, your partners, supporters, or your field at large — really excited about the posts you’re creating each day/week/month?

If you’re like most nonprofits, you probably shook your head at a few of these. Medium is awesome at ALL of these.

Here’s a fantastic article on Medium by Alex Field, nonprofit communications strategist at US based agency Burness Creative.

Definitely worth a read if you’re considering ways to extend the reach of your content to a highly engaged audience.

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